Strength (STR)Increases attack power and critical damage
Vitality (VIT)Increases HP, Stamina, Defense, and Recovery
Intelligence (INT)Increases attack power and critical damage
Mind (MND)Increases attack power and recovery
Dexterity (DEX)Increases attack power and critical hit-rate
Health (HP)Increases Max. HP Value
Stamina (ST)Increases Max. ST Value
Attack (ATK)Increases attack power
Critical Rate (CRT)Increases critical-rate
Defense (DEF)Increases defense
HealingIncreases amount of health healed
EvasionIncreases the evasion distance
Health Recovered
on Rescue
Increases HP Recovered when rescued by
another player.
Ultimate Cooldown
Reduces Ultimate Skill cooldowns
LunoBLUE PROTOCOL’s in-game currency
Glory CoinsBLUE PROTOCOL’s in-game currency


Damage Per Second (DPS)DPS is reference to the amount of damage one does during a short period of time
Damage Over Time (DOT)DOT is reference to certain skills causing damage over a period of time
HateHate is used to describe when a monster focuses its attention and attacks on a single target. It can be gained by entering a monster’s hate radius or attacking a pack of monsters
Hate-RadiusThe area around a monster that, if entered, will alert it off another’s presence, causing the monster to attack
Battle ImagineA skill that boosts your passive stats and can act as an active skill in the hotbar
Inner ImagineEquipment that is used in place of armor and boosts your passive stats
Mount ImagineA mount that can be rode to traverse the world. It increases your movement speed and is a lot faster than running
FieldThe area shared by all players residing in the same channel
DungeonAn enclosed area which can only be cleared by defeating the dungeon boss in the time limit
RaidA large group/party of 40 players gathered to defeat a Raid Boss
ArenaA wave based area where monsters continuously spawn until all enemies are defeated (in a time limit)
AFShort for the class Aegis Fighter
TSShort for the class Twin Striker
SCShort for the class Spell Caster
BAShort for the class Blast Archer
HSShort for the class Heavy Smasher

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