May Development Livestream Summary

Greetings Adventurers of Regnus! The Blue Protocol Database is here to showcase some exciting information which had been presented to us from the Developer Livestream held by the BLUE PROTOCOL developers yesterday! After waiting a month, the BLUE PROTOCOL developers followed up with a livestream full of a few new surprises! 1. Heavy Smasher (New […]

BP Database English Translation Livestream

Greetings adventurers! In continuation from our last article regarding the new BLUE PROTOCOL Development Livestream, we have some more exciting news for you all! For non-Japanese speakers, we understand that it can be difficult to follow information that is being addressed in real-time, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We are excited to announce […]

New Development Livestream announced!

Hello everyone! After a month of missing our monthly Blue Protocol tweet, yesterday, a mysterious blue dot of hope had appeared on the official Blue Protocol YouTube Channel! Today, it was revealed to be a new livestream coming up on the 27th of May at the following times: 8PM – JST 7AM – EST 4AM […]

Bandai Namco Interview- New Blue Protocol Information Revealed!

Given the importance of that article, we decided to post it quickly. We will correct any errors throughout the day. As always, we will try now to translate and summarize the important changes mentioned in the article. Hello Blue Protocol Database Community! This interview on the Famitsu website was mainly focused on the atmosphere at […]

Blue Protocol Weekly Recap #7

Greetings Blue Protocol community, and welcome back to the Database! It’s that time again—the seventh Weekly Recap is here to give you a quick summary of the major game and community related news and information since our last Recap. I’m Spirin, and I’ll be your host for this recap! We have three topics that we’ll […]

Datamined Information

Hello everyone! The Blue Protocol Database team is back with some new information about Blue Protocol. This article will highlight the datamined materials from the recently published client which was available in the Closed Beta. Disclaimer: The information found in the files of the recent Closed Beta is subject to change at any time. The […]

October Developer Livestream Information

Greetings, adventurers! The Blue Protocol Database is here to showcase the exciting information which was presented to us from the developer livestream. This will contain information relevant to their progress in development with the game Therefore, please take note that it won’t include any information in regards to the Closed Beta Test which was already […]

BLUE PROTOCOL New Closed Beta Test and Developer Livestream

Welcome back, heroes! In our last update, the BLUE PROTOCOL team revealed that there was a website maintenance scheduled for October 12, 2020 (Monday) from 11:00am until 3:00 pm JST. With this maintenance, the BLUE PROTOCOL team aims to update the content of the site and potentially share new details. As of 3:00pm JST, the […]

BLUE PROTOCOL Localization is underway!

Travelers of Regnus, welcome! The Blue Protocol Database is back with some new information regarding the game. This segment of our article highlights information which confirms a recruitment listing for a Localization Director and the affirmations about a global release which may pertain to multiple regions. It was recently discovered that BANDAI NAMCO Studios CO, […]

Livestream Translation and more !

Hello Blue Protocol Community, today we have some exciting news for you! Following up on our last article about the developer live stream, we have prepared an easier way to receive this information in correlation with streams: For those who may have missed previous streams or are newer members: Currently we receive news on Blue […]