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First, I’d like to mention that the Blue Protocol Database Team had been very bored, waiting for brand new BLUE PROTOCOL news, so we’re giving you some unique assets, screenshots, datamined map names, and potential theories for future updates to BLUE PROTOCOL! The assets that you are about to see are all from the BLUE PROTOCOL Closed Beta Client so they may be up to 2 years old! It seems like in the screenshots, some of the areas do not have 100% of the details shown in the testing phases. Please note that ALL of the names that are mentioned are subject to change for localization purposes in the future.

1. Salamzart Oasis (Assets)

The Salamzart Oasis is the desert region that was teased a couple months ago by the official BLUE PROTOCOL Twitter. We do not have much information about the Salamzart Oasis, but through screenshots that we found, there were a few NPC and Instrument Models that may be linked to the Salamzart Oasis area. Please note again, that this is not 100% confirmed, but it has a very likely chance that it is linked.

2. Asterleeds (Town Screenshots)

Asterleeds is the starting town that you wake up in after meeting Feste. After walking out of the inn, you will be at the Asterleeds central area!

3. Asteria Plain (Field Screenshots)

Asteria Plain is the starting field that you will be traversing through along with the Main Story Questline. The zone is cut into 4 sections with Skyquake Fields (South) being the first you enter from Asterleeds, Calm Eve Terraces (West), Andra Basin (North-West), Minster Hills (East).

4. Bajamar Highland (Field Screenshots)

Bajamar Highland is the second field that you will be traversing through after Asteria Plain. The zone is cut into 3 sections with Divine Haven Hill being the first you enter from Asteria Plain, Fiel Pond (North), Soundless Foothills (East).

5. Colosseum (Arena Screenshots)

The Colosseum is the area where you are doing your Arena mission.

6. Dragon Claw Valley (Dungeon Screenshots)

Dragon Claw Valley is the second dungeon that you will be facing during the story.

7. Pillar of Divinity (Dungeon Screenshots)

Pillar of Divinity is the third dungeon that you will be facing during the story.

8. Valley of Machines (Dungeon Screenshots)

Valley of Machines is the fourth dungeon that you will be facing during the story.

9. Void’s Island (Raid Screenshots)

Void’s Island is the first raid that you can do with 20 players (including yourself). Your target will be the boss Demidragon.

10. All Closed Beta NPCs (Details Tentative)

The following screenshots are all of the NPCs that were found in Closed Beta.

11. All Closed Beta Enemies (Details Tentative)

The following screenshots are all of the Enemies that were found in Closed Beta.

12. New Mount Skins (Speculation)

The following screenshots show some new and different variants of the fox mount. Note that this is just a speculation so it may or may not be true. Another possibility would be an actual fox field mob.

13. Datamined Map Names

The Datamined Map Names were found through the games’ CBT client. Credits to Zakum and Kazorune for translating the map names.


  • Asterleeds
  • Salamzart Oasis
  • Ulrau Village

Fields (Bold = Main Fields)

  • Asteria Plain
  • Skyquake Fields
  • Minster Hills
  • Andra Basin
  • Calm Eve Terraces
  • Bajamar Highland
  • Divine Haven Hill
  • Soundless Foothills
  • Fiel Pond
  • Montenore Ravine
  • Montenore Central
  • Montenore East
  • Montenore South
  • Evergreen Desert
  • Evergreen East
  • Evergreen South
  • Evergreen West
  • Evergreen Central
  • Evergreen North
  • West Bernhart Peninsula
  • Cape Rauwehara
  • Kowaniana Forest
  • Granville Glaciers

Dungeons (Bold = New Dungeons)

  • Soundless City
  • Pillar of Divinity
  • House of the Fettered Gods
  • Dragon Claw Valley
  • Bernhart Castle Underground Waterway
  • Insect Fortress at Dawn
  • Drava Royal Research Institute
  • Ocean God’s Cavern
  • Graveyard of Spirits
  • Dragon’s Overlook of the End
  • Abandoned Starfield
  • Distorted Will
  • Reikrid Tunnels
  • Valley of Machines
  • Borome Ruins
  • Arena

Mini-Dungeons (Bold = New Dungeons)

  • Tutorial
  • Cliff Ruins
  • Giant Tower Ruins
  • Southwest Ritze Village
  • Rescuing of the Captured Child
  • Rescuing of the Songstress
  • Whispering Cliffs
  • Insect Fortress
  • Insect Fortress (Hard)
  • Dragon Claw Valley
  • Dragon Claw Valley (Hard)
  • Dragon Claw Valley (Free Exploration)


  • Void’s Island

BONUS: English Character Creation

Here is a video showcasing the English Character Creation in BLUE PROTOCOL!



And with that, I conclude this informational and long article. If you would like to stay up-to-date with all Blue Protocol News, or if you want to find a soothing and warm community of Blue Protocol adventurers, then click the banner below and join our Discord server! If you would like to follow our Twitter, feel free to @BlueProtocolDB.

Special thanks to Kazorune for writing the article, Zakum for translating, Niko for directing, and Owlski for the image assets!

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