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Hello everyone! The Blue Protocol Database team is back with some new information about Blue Protocol. This article will highlight the datamined materials from the recently published client which was available in the Closed Beta.

Disclaimer: The information found in the files of the recent Closed Beta is subject to change at any time. The contents of the information can be modified or even removed in the final version of the game.

The dataminers were able to find text files within the client which contain a lot of interesting information. This includes information about the new classes which might get released in Blue Protocol along with a Guild System which was discussed previously. There is also a list of some new zones which was found in the client text.

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New Classes

The image above shows translation of some class names found in the datamined files. There are names of the four currently available classes in addition to the new ones that we did not know about. According to the dataminers, there is no specific orders mentioned in the files. For example, the ID assigned to the class Blast Archer is the number 6. The one for the Aegis Fighter is the number 12 and the ID assigned to the Gunslinger class is the number 4. There are very strong predictions that show Gunslinger as the next class to most likely release.

This image above includes the description of specific classes. Once again, some of the information provided are about the 4 base classes but there is also information presented regarding the unreleased classes. Specifically, we see the Gunslinger has the description of Gunslinger Stratos. In addition to this, we see class descriptions which mention classes like Engineer, Striker or Slayer. These classes may or may not be in the final release as they are subject to change.

Keep in mind, the developers have mentioned that they are currently working on (1) new class and that an additional class will be added upon release. Theoretically, we would only have access to two of these classes.

Guild System

The dataminers were also able to find some interesting information about the Guild System in Blue Protocol. Many of these dialogue options are from speaking to the Guild NPC and highlight some of the possible responses that you would get if you were to interact with them. It also shows information from the personal Guild Menu that each player has access to. The prediction is that we will definitely be seeing this system in the next testing phase.


The zones also contained some interesting information which were found by the dataminers. We see some familiar names along with new ones that were previously hinted at. For example, the Salamzart Oasis is a new town which was introduced in the previous Developer Livestream. According to the dataminers, some of the zones which have the same names also have several instances ID’s attached to them. This is why you may see some of the names repeating.

The client which was used for the recent test was similar to the first Closed Beta. Therefore, there is only a limited amount of new information which was found by the dataminers.

This concludes the article. Thank you for reading!

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