Introduction to Exploration

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  Quests, Dungeons, World Boss and Quick Time Events

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Quests in Blue Protocol can be obtained by visiting the adventure guild in the city. Quests are the 2nd fastest way to level up your class and rewards you not only with a decent amount of “GC” and “L” currency but also rewards you sometimes with battle or equipment souls.

Quests can be divided into 3 categories:

Yellow combat quests: You have to kill monsters in the zones.

Green gathering quests: You have to collect gathering mats in certain zones.

Blue exploration quests: You have to collect mats or kill monsters in a certain dungeons.

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Most Valuable Player – Attack

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Most Valuable Player – Support

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The dungeons are divided into 3 modes, single player mode, 20 minute multiplayer mode and 30 minute multiplayer mode.

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Dungeons in Blue Protocol are the fastest way to level up your class and also needed to clear some exploration quests or to obtain materials to craft a weapon.

Dungeons have level requirements and different difficulties to choose from. You can enter the dungeon solo or with a party of maximum 6 players. To enter a dungeon, you can either travel to the dungeon entrance or use the matchmaking system from anywhere in the world to teleport into the dungeon.


Before entering your first dungeon, you will be able to access a tutorial to understand how the patterns work.

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There were 3 dungeons available during the alpha.

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  World Boss


In Blue Protocol world bosses only spawn at certain times . You will also have a time limit to kill the world boss before it disappears. World bosses have breakable parts and each of those with their own hitbox. After dealing a certain amount of damage the part will break and down the boss for a few seconds. Broken parts or armor will change color and will be treated as weak spot for the rest of the fight. By hitting weak spot you will deal more damage. Special parts like the tail, will disable some abilities of the world boss once it is cut.

After slaying the world boss, you will get rewards according to your position in the contribution ranking. Your current ranking is visible on the left side of the screen during the entire fight and will be updated frequently. Aggro, buffs, damage dealt and party heal amount count towards the contribution ranking.

The second factor, which increases the reward you get beside from the contribution ranking, is the amount of players who have participated in the world boss fight.

Eg.: Being 1st place out of 10 players gives you 50,000 in-game currency but if you are 1st out of 15 players, then you will get 100,000 in-game currency. In addition to that, the boss will also drop a treasure chest box for everyone which can contain crafting materials, monster souls, and more.

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  Quick Time Events


In the first alpha test of Blue Protocol, we had access to 1 area, which was divided into 4 zones. Each zone has a spot, in which a quick time boss can spawn. The quick time bosses spawn frequently and can be attacked by everyone in the channel. They also have a time limit before they disappear. Killing a quick time boss rewards you with in-game currency and has a high chance to drop battle imagines.


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