Imagine Crafting



The PNJ of Imagine Institute

You can consume the material items and perform “crafting” and “refining” of Battle Imagine and Inner Imagine.

For Battle imagines, you can get only 1 of the 2 different stats (per imagine) which you can put into your Weapon slots with fusion. Inner Imagines have 3 different stats and you can only get 1 of them. For Weapon crafting you can get 1-4 slots on the weapon to store the attributes of the Battle Imagine (1 of the 2 stats mentioned earlier). The stat attribute from the Battle Imagine is equivalent to the 3-star infusion if you just leave it equipped (without fusioning it). But when you try to fusion it, you will have 1-5 star ranked of stars per each fusion. – Dream


Inner Imagine are kinds of accessories that you can equip to increase your stats. You can equip up to five Inner Imagine.
For some types of Inner Imagine, the attributes will be randomly defined. In addition, you will be able to upgrade your Inner Imagine to increase their stats.

How to Craft

You can do it from the “Imagine Institute” that I introduced earlier. You will need material and money (Luno).


The same thing as Weapon Refining, you can also improve your Inner Imagine and uses materials to increase experience points and level up. The more levels your Inner Imagine takes, the better your stats will be. You will also need the same materials as weapon refining to improve it.


Battle Imagines are Imagine that you can equip to use in battle but will also increase your character’s stats.
There are several types of Battle Imagine attacks: Attack Type, Recovery Type, etc.
Each time you craft them, you will receive random effects. As with the Inner Imagine, if you refine your Battle Imagine, they will be stronger and give you better stats.

Crafting & Refining

Same enhancement function as the Inner Imagine.

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