Introduction to Imagine System

  Combat Imagine

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Can be obtained through quests or by picking them up on the monsters. Battle Imagine can be level up at Imagine Research Center.

  • Normal Combat Imagine – Deal damage or Special Ability. Increases basic stats and has a cooldown of 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Boss Combat Imagine (outdated information) – Deals damage or Special Ability. Increases 3 stats and has a cooldown of 240 seconds or more.

Basic Stats : Strength (STR) Endurance (VIT) Agility (DEX)
Intelligence (INT) Mental Resistance (MND) Attack Power (ATK) Maximum HP (Max HP)

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  Mount Imagine

You can summon a “mount” imagine to increase your movement speed.
When the energy gauge is empty, your mount will disappear.

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