Interface & Social

Introduction to Game Interface and Social Environment

  Game Interface

Each player has their own profile which shows that player’s recent activities, their mood, and the amount of followers that player has. Everyone in the game can search and find a player’s profile, if that player has enabled it. A player can see every other player they follow in a separate tab. This tab is a substitute for a traditional friends list feature and also shows if players are online along with their current location.

  • 1. Mini Map
  • 2. Area Name
  • 3. Chat + Combat/Item Log
  • 4. Quest Log
  • 5. Character Infos (Class/Level/Name/Exp Bar)
  • 6. Character
  • 7. Help Display
  • 8. Interaction/Emote Shortcuts





My Character


  Social Environment

The maximum party size in Blue Protocol is 6. You can invite other players either through their character profile or by pressing the interaction key, if the player is in front of you.

  • Party members and their status will be shown on the bottom left of your screen. The color of the hp bar indicates if the party members is in the same zone and/or channel.
  • Party member’s HP bar is green : Party member is in the same channel and same zone like you.
  • Party member’s HP bar has an icon in the center and is grey : Party member is in a different channel but in the same zone.
  • Party member’s HP bar is grey : Party member is in a different channel and different zone than you.

If party members are in the same zone but in a different channel, then the party leader can force a teleport to bring everyone to his channel. This is very useful for world boss fights and general party play. Party members can only be teleported if they are out of combat.

  City Mini Map

City Teleporter

Main Teleporter

Weapon Craft Machine

Repair NPC

Costume Shop

Adventure Guild Building Quest NPC

Class Change NPC

Player Icon

Hidden Map

A new feature has been added to the closed beta.
The map is now hidden by clouds.

Revealed Map

To bring up the areas of the map, you will have to find explore the areas and find points that will unlock the areas of the map.

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