Liquid Memory

INTRO: Liquid Memory

What is Liquid Memory?

It’s a system where you can gain effects like a speedup of gathering, an increase of Refinery EXP, or a Drop Rate UP from a “Memory Stand”. To use it, you need to charge your Memory. The Memory fills up at a defined rate when performing certain actions, and over time.

How to Use

The Memory Stand in front of the Arena. There are two other ones.

To use the “Memory Stand”, you need to clear the Main Story and the specific subquests. Furthermore, you need to clear certain subquests to use some of the effects.

Which buffs can you obtain by using Liquid Memory

  • Weapon Refinery EXP Boost
  • Shorten Gathering Time
  • Drop Rate UP
  • Chance to craft Higher Level Weapons UP
  • Luno Discount at NPC Facilities

There might be even more of them which can be unlocked later during the game by doing quests or discovering hidden stories.

Translated by: Chi-Chan

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