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How to create a Bandai Namco ID

To apply for the upcoming Closed Beta Test, you will need a Japanese Bandai Namco ID. In this guide, we will explain how to properly create an account through the Bandai Namco website. Please note that during the entire process you do not need to have a VPN active with a Japanese IP. Every step below can be done without a VPN.

1. Access to Bandai Namco ID

Click “here” to open the Bandai Namco id website.

2. Sign Up

2.1 You do not have to choose the display language as “Japanese”. However if you do, you can use a website translation plugin or extension from your browser to auto translate the website to English. Keep in mind you will still have to select the region as JAPAN when registering.

2.2 Make sure that “Sign Up With an Email Address” is chosen and then simply enter your email and choose a password. Click on “Next”.

2.3 Select Asia and Japan as your Country and Region. Then you must agree to the ToS by checking the box on the bottom left. Proceed by clicking on “Agree”.

2.4 An authentication code will be sent to your email within a few minutes. Make sure to copy and paste it into the “Authentication Code” field. After that, you proceed by clicking on “Authenticate”.

2.5 You have now successfully created a Bandai Namco ID. Click on “Register Additional Information” to add the last few information required to complete the account registration.

2.6 Enter a Date of Birth and select your Gender. To complete the registration, click on “Register Information”.

2.7 Congratulations, you have now created a Bandai Namco ID with which you can apply for Blue Protocol with. Once the Blue Protocol Beta applications are enabled, you will have to log in with this ID in order to register for the next testing phase.

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