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May Development Livestream Summary

Greetings Adventurers of Regnus!

The Blue Protocol Database is here to showcase some exciting information which had been presented to us from the Developer Livestream held by the BLUE PROTOCOL developers yesterday! After waiting a month, the BLUE PROTOCOL developers followed up with a livestream full of a few new surprises!

Image of the unknown enemies presented in BLUE PROTOCOL
Image of the unknown enemies presented in BLUE PROTOCOL

1. Heavy Smasher (New Class revealed!)

In the stream, we were presented with a new class. It was revealed to be Heavy Smasher! The stream displayed a video which showcased several different skills such as blocking and pulling enemies towards itself. Heavy Smasher is a heavy class who uses a giant hammer to deal high damage output but is quite slow. It is shown to be a sub-tank class.

Here is the video showcasing all the current skills:

Video showcasing Heavy Smasher!

The Heavy Smasher is rather slow, but is genuinely not even that slow because of the high knockback / stun stat. Since Heavy Smasher’s attacks are slow, it has lots of super armor skills. HP is the highest stat on Heavy Smasher.

Heavy Smasher was actually accidentally revealed by Shimooka (BLUE PROTOCOL Developer) last time. We weren’t meant to know!

2. NPC Co-op: Feste

Similar to NPC Co-op: Jake, Feste was now added and will fight along with you! Feste is a demi-human who is the first NPC you meet when you wake up from your slumber.

Like mentioned in the previous Development Livestream, this new information that was displayed, it’s plausible that we will have similar missions where we will fight side by side with other NPCs. They mentioned in particular that here will be more NPC’s available in the future.

Picture of Feste

Feste is shown to throwing flasks at enemies, which stuns the enemy and allows you to kill the monsters. Feste can also take the enemy aggro and buff you. Here is a video showcasing Feste:

Video showcasing NPC Co-op: Feste!

3. New Mechanics and Combat Improvement

During the first 20 minutes of the livestream, we were presented with lots of new mechanics and combat improvements. The new improvements and mechanics are:

  • Assault Attack
  • Evasion Attack
  • Altitude Bonus
  • Perfect Evasion

Perfect Evasion is when you evade an enemy’s attack “just-in-time”, the evasion attack gets boosted. For example, if you play Aegis Fighter and use the evasion attack, the damage is boosted. With Spell Caster, the attack area will get larger and so on. When triggering the Perfect Evasion, a blue circle effect is displayed.

Altitude Bonus is for ranged attacks. If you’re standing on a higher ground level than the enemy, it increases the attack damage depending on the altitude difference. So you should always aim for a better spot when attacking enemies ranged.

4. More Freedom in Skill Builds!

In addition to the new improvements of the combat system, we were introduced to a bunch of demo videos showcasing the new skills and dodging mechanics!

Aegis Fighter’s Tank Build:

Video showcasing Aegis Fighter Tank skills

When the enemies are attacked by a skill, the player pulls the Hate (Monster Aggro) onto him and the enemies enter a provoked state. This allows us to bind the enemies’ movement and protect the party.

Aegis Fighter’s Light Element Specialisation Build:

Video showcasing Aegis Fighter Light Element Specialisationskills

When attacking monsters, it’s evident to say that they each have their own element weaknesses. You can also aim for a burst which can put different elements on it.

Twin Striker’s Drain Build:

Video showcasing Twin Striker’s Drain Build

Twin Striker’s Drain Build is equipped with skills that have super armor, so you can absorb the damage (by not evading) and just attack.

Twin Striker’s Fire Build:

Video showcasing Twin Striker’s Fire Build

Similar to the CBT, Twin Striker’s Fire Build boosts the damage output tremendously.

Blast Archer’s Debuff Build:

Video showcasing Blast Archer’s Speed Down Debuff Skill
Video showcasing Blast Archer’s Poison Debuff Skill

Instead of healing, this build allows Blast Archer to debuff the monsters and help out the team!

Blast Archer’s Support Build

Video showcasing Blast Archer’s Healing skills

This time, Blast Archer is more of a supporter, stunning the enemies, speeding up the skill usage, putting the enemies to sleep, healing status ailments, HP healing.

Spell Caster’s Fire Build:

Video showcasing Spell Caster’s Fire Element skills

As you can see here, all of the Spell Caster skills is in the fire-element. It’s good to use if you know the enemy’s element weakness.

Spell Caster’s Ice Build:

Video showcasing Spell Caster’s Ice Element skills

Here, Spell Caster is using ice element skills which again is very useful if you know the element weakness of a monster. Ice slows the enemy’s movement down.

Spell Caster forced you to choose all 3 elements that you can begin with, but now you have an option to choose an element that you want to specialise on and equip multiple skills of the same element.

5. New Training Mode

About 30 minutes into the stream, we got introduced to a new training mode! The training dummies comes in threes, spaced out and allows you to test the damage, AoE range and test combos! The training dummies are located just outside the entrance of Asterleeds, but can be found in several other places too.

Asterleeds Training Dummies

6. Group Gestures

Group Gestures has been added in BLUE PROTOCOL! You can now interact with other people through gestures!

First off, Rock! Paper! Scissors!

Picture of two players playing Rock! Paper! Scissors!

When a player attempts to use the gesture to the other player and it enters a standby period in which the player could interact back. If the player interacts, you will both start playing rock-paper-scissors! A window will open so you can choose between Rock, Paper or Scissors. When both players choose, the rock-paper-scissors match will take place! You can also raise your gestures so it’s easier to see. There are also gestures to when you win or lose!

Picture of Win and Lose Gestures

Hand Holding Gesture!

Picture of two people holding hands
Picture of two people holding hands

When a player attempts to use the gesture to the other player and it enters a standby period in which the player could interact back. If you’re both close enough, you will both start holding hands! This is great for in-game screenshots (and could be romantic 😉). When walking or changing directions, the hand animation will change accordingly. If you move a certain distance apart from each-other, you’ll let go. Although the controls are a bit hard, if you try well enough you’ll succeed in walking around!

Picture of two people holding hands

7. Quality of Life (QoL) Changes

  • Animation Changes: Aegis Fighter’s walking animation with the shield was tweaked.
  • Combat Revamp: The Assault and Evasion attacks are a lot more smooth and have a flowy connection. You can now pull out a combo, jump, cancel, assault attack and, then chain another combo.
  • Skill Changes: Skills aren’t bound to certain skill slots anymore, and the skills are all non-restrictive. Before, you could only actively equip one skill in each category at a time, but now, you can equip two (or more if they add more).
  • Equip Presets: A new feature which allows you to register multiple equipment sets and switch between them. You can’t use this feature inside a dungeon, or during a fight and similar contents. Skills, Inner Imagines and Equipment can be set in it.
  • Hide Effects (On/Off): You can now turn off the skill effects of other players. The options available will be only you, only party members, and other players.
  • Lock-on Camera Fixes: The camera may get buggy sometimes, so changes are still being made but it has definitely improved since the CBT.
  • Raid Entrance Portal: The location of the raid entrance portal has changed and is closer.
  • View Other Class Skills: You are now able to view the skills of other classes without needing to change to them.
  • Character Creation: You can change the angle of all the character parts. There is also a feature to set the daytime lighting in the Character Creation menu. Added a variety of voices (3 increased to 6). There is also an Aesthetican shop that has options that are only available after your character creation, where you can customise your character further and can change your haircolor to a two-tones.
  • Outfits and Accessories: A new feature “Outfit Preview” will be implemented in the game, allowing you to try out new clothes before buying them. More underwear will also be added in the game.
  • Mount Imagine: You are now able to ride your mount when the energy is empty (it is still faster than walking). They also added ways to replenish the energy of your mount and no energy consumption when stopped.
  • Inventory: Your inventory has now infinite slots for materials so you don’t have to run all the way back to town again.
  • Attack Patterns: Enemies in Blue Protocol now have a unique attack pattern so it feels like “How do I defeat this enemy?”
  • Loading Screens: Loading screens are being improved.
  • Chat: You can now talk in premade parties in dungeons.
  • Dungeon Changes: A mini-map has been added to the dungeon so you can clearly see the route. There will also be more strategy in dungeons with advantages and disadvantages in skipping monsters.
  • Hide Other Players: An option will be added so you can hide off other players entirely (only in town).
  • Hide Your Weapon: You can choose to hide your weapon at all times, never hide it, hide it only when in town, or hide it only outside town.
  • Mini-Map: You can now change your mini-map size when in battle so you can see other monsters clearly.
  • Evade with Movement Keys: There are now more inputs to dodge.
  • Channels: It is now guaranteed to enter the same channel when you’re moving as a party through zones within a certain time limit, but once that time limit is up it’s not guaranteed anymore. If needed, the party leader can summon the members to the same channel.
  • UI Changes: The number of displayed quest on main screen changed.
  • Hotkeys: You can now bind hotkeys for menu tabs for easier access.
  • Wishlist: There is now a wishlist which you can register your desired imagine or weapon. This shows you what materials you still need to get it.
  • Interactions: Even with lots of people around, when using the interactable object, it will prioritize the interactable object rather than the people around. When people are stacked up, a list now appears so you can choose the player you want to interact to.

8. BLUE PROTOCOL Opening Theme Song

A BLUE PROTOCOL Opening Theme Song is confirmed to be made for the game!

Feste in Opening Theme Song

That concludes the end of this informational and exciting article! If you would like to stay up-to-date with all Blue Protocol News, or if you want to find a soothing and warm community of Blue Protocol adventurers, then click the banner below and join our Discord server!

Special thanks to Chi-Chan and Zakum for translating and Kurayami for the image assets!

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