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MORT: English Translation Tool

What is MORT?

MORT is a supplemental machine translation tool which can help aid you in your adventure throughout the world of Regnas. With MORT, you can efficiently play Blue Protocol and extract the text available in Japanese to your very own native language. The program has an overlay and layer function which will extract Japanese text and output the information it records through OCR into English. It’s a very useful tool for understanding how to navigate throughout the world of Blue Protocol.

The translation tool also allows you to pick from two modes in which you can extract the text and translate it. You can either use the automated full screen translation overlay which will make all the text on your screen automatically become English OR use the layer feature which you can highlight text and it will translate the region which you have selected. Please note using that using the automated full screen translation overlay at real time speed requires a very good computer. You can play around with the speed in the settings to match your computer performance or just use the layer method for translations which does not take up as much resources. The regular layer feature is much more reliable and stable compared to the first method.

In this guide, we will mainly be focusing on using the regular layer function to translate in-game text from Japanese to English. 

Installing Language Packs

Before we can begin to utilize MORT’s translation features, we have to make sure that the Japanese language pack is installed and enabled on your operating system. If you do not have the Japanese language pack installed, the program will not work properly. 

  1. Open settings from the Start Menu.
  2. Click the Time & Language option.
  3. Click Language on the left panel.
  4. Click the option which states to Add a language.
  5. Search for the Japanese language.
  6. Check mark the options below and hit install.

Downloading MORT

As mentioned previously, MORT is a program that extracts text in real time using OCR and outputs the translations using machine translations from various sites like Google or DeepL. The current latest version of MORT can only be downloaded from the GitHub release page. Please go to the official page below and download the very top ZIP file of the latest release.




Configuring MORT

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file from GitHub, we can finally begin setting up MORT. To start, the translation tool can be opened up via MORT.exe and has very simple configuration options.

This section will cover the following tabs:

  1. General 
  2. Translation
  3. ETC (Keybinds)
  4. Additional (Advanced Settings)

The first tab that we are going to configure is the General tab. We mainly want to ensure the WIN OCR feature is selected as it has the best results. The language of choice should be selected as Japanese since that is the language we want MORT to look for when extracting the text.  The OCR results output can be checked as well. Everything else here can be left untouched. 

General Tab

Since we are primarily going to utilize the layer function, we want to select layer for the Translation window type. For all the other translation settings, you can configure them to go from Japanese -> English as shown in the image above. 

Once you click apply after selecting layer, you should see a small region pop up on your screen.  This region can be resized freely and put anywhere on your own screen for comfort.

ETC Tab (Keybinds)

The ETC tab here unlocks all the keybind controls for which you will use to highlight the selected region with. Please change the SNAPSHOT keybind to something that is more accessible to you as it is a bind that will be used very commonly for those who need to translate and extract in-game text. 

Additional Tab

Please note that because we are using the layer function and not the automatic full screen overlay function, we want CAPTURE IN THE ACTIVE WINDOW to be turned OFF or UNCHECKED. You can also enable CHECK THE LATEST VERSION and TOP MOST TRNASLATION WINDOW with a CHECKMARK. 

In the additional tab, there is also another area we want to go to which is called the ADVANCED SETTING menu to select one option that might assist you with using the program in the future. Once you have clicked on ADVANCED SETTING we can configure the additional function we want to have added.

Once this section opens up, you can check the MINIMIZE MORT button to make sure that when you close MORT it will be minimized instead of closing the program. This option is not enabled by default and should be enabled for ease of use.

NOTE: If you want to close the program in the future, simply go to your taskbar and exit the program via right clicking the icon below then selecting the last option. 

Using MORT in Blue Protocol

Now that we have correctly configured MORT and our Snapshot keybind, we are able to start translating text on the fly. By pressing our keybind once and then letting go (DEFAULT: CTRL+SHIFT+A) you can select a region by holding down your LEFT CLICK. After you let go of your LEFT CLICK and have selected the text you want extracted, the layer function will show you the English translated text in the layer as shown in the image above.

Note: Don’t forget you are able to freely move around the layer anywhere on your screen and resize it! You can also text the change adjust the font and font size of the layer by going to the TEXT tab in the MENU. The image below shows an example of the settings which can be configured.


With the MORT English translation tool, traveling around the world of Regnas and understanding all the in-game functions becomes easier. We hope that this guide can help assist you in your journey.

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Written By: Niko
Reviewed By: Perciculum
Graphic Designs By: Sugi 

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