Skills System



  • Columns correspond to individual class skills.
  • Each skill node is unlocked and increased by the allocation of skill points.
  • Skill points are awarded upon leveling and quests.
  • In order to reset the skill tree you must consume a ticket / token that will be sold in the shops – perhaps “the” shop which could mean that tickets / tokens for resetting skills can be sold in the shop in addition to non-premium currency stores.
  • Left side are class skill variants (this allows the class to be built more offensively, defensively, on utility, or otherwise focus on a custom play style) and right side is the character attributes and possible stats such as ability cooldown reduction, class resource, generation, etc.



  • LMB & RMB = Auto Attack & Alternative Action
  • Q,E,R,C = Normal Class Skills
  • TAB = Ultimate Skill
  • 1 & 2= Imagine Skills


  • Each class currently has only a single ultimate skill but can choose between multiple normal skills. You have a total of eight main skills, you will be able to choose a maximum of four.


  • As you can see above, each skill slot has two skill variants. The colored boxes represent that each skill within the respective color utilizes the same skill slot. Not only can you unlock the additional skills on the skill board, you can also level those skills to make them stronger.


  • Once you have maxed out an active skill, you can then unlock up to two abilities/skill variants (α & β) for that skill. The skill variant will add additional effects to that specific skill.
  • Once you have unlocked the skill variant on the skill board, you can activate up to three. That means you can modify three out of four of your active skills. You can not activate two ability for the same skill.


  • In addition to unlocking skills and skill modifier on the skill board, you can also enhance the stats you want to focus on such as: Ultimate Skill/Class Feature, Class Stats or Utilities.
  • Red square: Utility boosts like stamina, dodge distance or revival speed.
  • Yellow square: Ultimate and Class Feature.
  • Blue square: Stats Modifier (STR, VIT, DEX, HP, etc)

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