Weapon Crafting



You can craft weapons using the Rolling Ball Reformer. When you crafted a weapon, the attributes and number of slots are randomly determined.
Crafted weapons can be upgraded by refining them, which will increase the weapon’s characteristics.

The “Rolling Ball Reformer” located off the Pioneer Bureau down the stairs on the right. As we say, when you craft a weapon, the weapon has a random element and the attribute effect value and the number of slota are randomly determined.

To craft a weapon, you need a special resource that can only be obtained by completing dungeons.


Your weapons can evolve as you refine them. Use materials to increase the experience and level of your weapons. As a weapon gains a level, its stats will increase. Here is an example of materials that can be used to improve your weapons :


Weapons can have slots when you crafted them, allowing you to add Battle Imagine to enhance your weapons. This feature is called Fusion. Each Imagine used for the fusion will be consumed and can no longer be used. If you use a slot, it will be impossible for you to go back, so choose your fusions carefully.

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