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Aegis Fighter
Aegis Fighter

About the class

Aegis Fighter is a melee class equipped with a sword and a powerful shield. A class with offensive and defensive skills but mostly focused on survival. 

The class has a special gauge called “Shield Gauge.” Shield Gauge is necessary to block incoming damage and regenerates if you don’t block. If the Shield Gauge reaches “0,” the shield breaks and you won’t be able to block for a few seconds.


Class data




Critical Chance

Critical Damages




Defense Power

Recovery Power




Defense Power

Recovery Power



Signature Skills

Break Slash | Left Click

Chain attack, the 4th attack deals additional damage and applies a damage reduction debuff on the enemy.

Shield Guard - Counter | Right Click

Shielding skill to block incoming damage until Endurance hits “0”. You can activate counter mode by clicking Left Click while holding up the shield.

Tactical Skills 1
Shield Charge

(12 sec cooldown)

Launch an attack by bashing your shield to enemies in front of you. Stuns enemies upon hit. Cannot be used in Shield/Guard break state.

Sunrise Charge

(12 sec cooldown)

Rush towards the enemy with his shield, causing light damage. If you charge the attack level 2, it will trigger a second combo, if you charge it level 3, it will trigger a third combo and put a Holy debuff.

Tactical Skills 2
Blow Beat

(10 sec cooldown)

Launch a shockwave attack to all directions in circular area around you. Enemies hit will be granted a Taunt Debuff.

Celestial Pillar

(12 sec cooldown)

Summon a pillar of light which continuously deals light damage to enemies in range.

Tactical Skills 3
Divide Slash

(12 sec cooldown)

Attack by releasing a slash that penetrates enemy in front of you.

Crescent Light

(15 sec cooldown)

Launch a crescent light slash causing light damage. If you charge it level 2, it will launch two slashes instead of one.

Tactical Skills 4

(45 sec cooldown)

Passive Skill that continuously give you back HP.


(30 sec cooldown)

Grants a Shield/Guard Up buff status effect to self for a fixed time. Cannot be used in Shield/Guard break state.

Judgement Shield

(60 sec cooldown)

Launch a shockwave Light attribute attack to the frontal area. Gains a buff that recovers Shield gauge when using skills. When you successfully guard an attack, slightly shortens Ultimate cooldown.

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