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Dive into the world of Regnus. Solve the hidden mysteries of the planet, meet new friends, and fight against the uprising evil.

Welcome to Blue Protocol, the next Online Action RPG.

Blue Protocol is an Online Action RPG with MMORPG elements developed by the Japanese company known as Bandai Namco. More precisely, by the Project SKY BLUE team. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and has a dynamic combat system similar to Tera and Soul Worker. The game immerses you into an animated and rich universe of colors powered by cel-shaded graphics to present anime inspired visuals. Wield a unique weapon by choosing any of the five classes which are known as the Aegis FighterTwin StrikerBlast Archer, Spell Caster or Heavy Smasher. Each class stands out with their own unique abilities and specializations which you can use to defeat your foes and save your friends.

While the world is on the brink of devastation, only you can change the tide. Join forces with friends and strangers to defeat foes beyond your might. Travel the lands, the seas, and time to change the future beyond this fight.


The paradise that the Gods forgot.

The children of man carve their own path across the land.

Regnus, a planet once ruled by a divine tribe thrived using a mystic light.

Many millennia later, what remains are their ruins, treasures and a dark secret.

Start your journey in this forsaken paradise, uncover its truth and become part of history.

-Once, this planet was a sparkling paradise where the Gods lived.

The planet Regnus. A mysterious light "Engram" filled the planet and people lived in extreme prosperity. They were known as the "Bapharia Divine Clan."

The "Bapharia Civilization" they built spanned all the land in Regnus and they even held the flow of time in their hands. Thus passed centuries, millennia -

The Divine Clan left for the skies and the human age has come. People seek the afterglow of the Gods and explore the Bapharia ruins. Lost technology. Dazzling treasure. Dangerous monsters. Towering remains. And... the all-destroying "Beast of the Planet."

Spin the planet's fate. Inscribe a new footprint onto Regnus' history - !