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Blast Archer
Blast Archer

About the class

Blast Archer is a long range DPS/support class equiped with a Bow. This class is agile and deals increased damage on enemy weakspots.

The class has several attack, buff / debuff and support abilities. They can also use ground element skills to apply more effects to enemies.

Class data




Critical Chance

Critical Damages




Defense Power

Recovery Power




Defense Power

Recovery Power



Signature Skills

Arrow Rush | Left Click

Chain attack, which can be casted while moving. The last attack shoots multiple arrows.

Slalom Shot | Right Click

Shoots a powerful arrow. If you press any direction key during the last attack, you will dodge towards the input direction.

Tactical Skills 1
Charge Arrow

(18 sec cooldown)

Shoots a chargeable arrow, which deals damage according to the charged amount. This skill will deal increased damage, if you hit a weak spot. Knockback effect if you charge the arrow.


Hypnoblast Shoots

(23 sec cooldown)

Throws an arrow on the enemies and puts them to sleep.

Tactical Skills 2
Negative Resonance

(20 sec cooldown)

Releases arrows going straight and spread on hit ailment applied on enemies.

Stampede Arrow

(13 sec cooldown)

Shoot multiple homing arrows at the enemy.

Tactical Skills 3
Lethal Shower

(25 sec cooldown)

Shoot arrows upwards which has the effect of creating an area on the ground attacking all the enemies inside. The more the skill is loaded, the larger the area.


Dust Force

(20 sec cooldown)

Throws an arrow to activate a ground AOE slowing enemies and inflicting damage over time.

Tactical Skills 4
Healing Arrow

(30 sec cooldown)

An AOE heal arrow, that can heal the team and yourself.

Hunter Spirit

(10 sec cooldown)

Launch a Cooldown reduction buff on yourself and your group.

Mortal Gravity

(60 sec cooldown)

Fire a gravitational arrow which creates an area attracting enemies to its middle.

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