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Twin Striker
Twin Striker

About the class

Twin Striker is a melee DPS class equipped with two powerful axes. A class which deals constant damage and has skills which keep them alive as long as they deal damage.

The class will have a combo meter that awards the character bonus damage for every successful attack. Combo meter is X%/130% bonus damage.


Class data




Critical Chance

Critical Damages




Defense Power

Recovery Power




Defense Power

Recovery Power



Signature Skills

Beast Swing | Left Click

Chain attack, the 4th attack deals additional damage and applies a damage reduction debuff on the enemy.


Axe Tornado | Right Click

Shielding skill to block incoming damage until Endurance hits “0”. You can activate counter mode by clicking Left Click while holding up the shield.

Tactical Skills 1
Brutal Blow

(10 sec cooldown)

Launch a rotating slash attack in a wide area in front of you.

Crimson Blow

(8 sec cooldown)

Launches a fire spinning attack that can be charged up to 3 times.

Tactical Skills 2
Fall Impact

(6 sec cooldown)

Attack enemies by leaping forward and land on ground.

Lava Impact

(6 sec cooldown)

Make an attack by jumping and hitting the ground that can be used up to 3 times in a row. Fire type attack.

Tactical Skills 3
Storm Rush

(15 sec cooldown)

Make a forward, two side-by-side attack in a wide area.

Burning Rush

(12 sec cooldown)

Throws slashes of fire attacking enemies. The combo increases depending on the charge level.

Tactical Skills 4
Blood Axe

(30 sec cooldown)

Allow you to absorb HP when you inflict damage to enemies.

War Cry

(30 sec cooldown)

Grants Super Armor status for a fixed time. (You won’t be staggered when you get hit by enemies in this state).

Vortex Impact

(60 sec cooldown)

Rushes towards the enemy and rises in the air. Whirl and send the enemy back to the ground.

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