Quests System


On Blue Protocol, there are 5 different types of quests. Each quest give you experience and L (Luno) which you can then use in the different shops in the game.

Main Quest

First type of quest, main quests. These quests follow the main narration of the story game.

Collect Quest

Second type of quests, collecting quests. These are quests that will require you to collect specific materials.

Slay Quest

Third type of quests, slaying quests. These are quests that will most of the time require you to either kill monsters or make a dungeon.

Errand Quest

Fourth type of quests, interaction quests. These are quests that will require you to go to specific points and talk to certain NPCs.

Traverse Quest

Fifth type of quests, exploration quests. These are quests that will require you to explore certain points on the map and interact with resources.

New Daily Quest

Complete Daily Quest

Lock Daily Quest

Progress Daily Quest

New Main Quest

Complete Main Quest

Lock Main Quest

Progress Main Quest

New Weekly Quest

Complete Weekly Quest

Lock Weekly Quest

Progress Weekly Quest

New Sub Quest

Complete Sub Quest

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New Extra Quest

Complete Extra Quest

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New Dungeon Quest

Interrupt Quest

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