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Bandai Namco’s Entry Into The Global Market

Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco Aiming For The Global Market Greetings, adventurers!  We have all been dreaming of a Blue Protocol global release. Until now, it was a dream resulting from our heavy copium overdose. But the following information from the interview with Representative Manager CEO Sekiguchi Masataka targeting the global market, gives new hope to the western playerbase! Interview […]

May Development Livestream Summary

Greetings Adventurers of Regnus! The Blue Protocol Database is here to showcase some exciting information which had been presented to us from the Developer Livestream held by the BLUE PROTOCOL developers yesterday! After waiting a month, the BLUE PROTOCOL developers followed up with a livestream full of a few new surprises! 1. Heavy Smasher (New […]

BP Database English Translation Livestream

Greetings adventurers! In continuation from our last article regarding the new BLUE PROTOCOL Development Livestream, we have some more exciting news for you all! For non-Japanese speakers, we understand that it can be difficult to follow information that is being addressed in real-time, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We are excited to announce […]

How to create a Bandai Namco ID

Bandai Namco ID

To apply for the upcoming Closed Beta Test, you will need a Japanese Bandai Namco ID. In this guide, we will explain how to properly create an account through the Bandai Namco website. Please note that during the entire process you do not need to have a VPN active with a Japanese IP. Every step […]