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Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #10


Hello, adventurers! Today, the Blue Protocol Database team will be covering the latest updates directly from Bandai Namco’s Developer Livestream #10.0 from August 8th, 2023. As always, our deep dive will cover all of the latest findings translated directly from the stream. If you prefer a video and audio overview, please feel free to check out the English translated video directly from us below.

We have a few juicy details this time around. Let us continue with the contents available from the livestream.

Content Overview

The #10.0 Communication Livestream was focued on three (3) parts:

– Player Data & Feedback
– August 16th, 2023 Updates
– A Mini Announcement

Adventure Board Adjustments

The following changes are planned for the Adventure Boards:

– Max Adventure Boards previously 8, will now be increaed to 10.

– Selected Adventure Boards will now be shown at the top.

– Adventure Boards that are not yet started, will not show up on your HUD.

– Completed Adventure Boards will now be shown in a separate tab – to avoid clutter between in-progress and completed boards.

In addition to the Adventure Board changes, it was important to note that players will now be able to gather while mounted! Finally, the Beta Skill drop rates will be increased for Surveys (5.8%) and additional Surveys (2.9%).

Skills & Class Blance Changes

Blade Warden

The following changes will be made to the Blade Warden class:

Basic Attack: 

– Increased aggro generation.

Shield Save: 

– Previously 10%, will now be 20%

Shield Guard: 

– Shield Guage previously 100%, will now be 130%. 

– Shield Guage now recovery previously after 5 seconds, will now be after 2 seconds.

– Recovery time after Shield Break was previously 15 seconds, will now be 12 seconds.

  • Counter Slash:
  • Strength has increased from 200% to 300%.
  • Aggro generation has increased.
  • AOE (Area of Effect) radius has increased.

Blow Beat:

– The cooldown was reduced for G1 and G2.

– Aggro generation has been increased.



– Cooldown has changed from 32 seconds to 27 seconds.

– The forced aggro duration has increased from 7 seconds to 9 seconds.



– Increased duration.

– Decreased the cooldown timer.


Celestial Pillar:

– Cooldown has been reduced from 32 seconds to 20 seconds.

– Reducing the charge time needed to execute.


Sunrise Charge:

– Cooldown has been reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.


– Shield Save: The Guage consumption reduction will be changed from 40% to 60%.

– Effect duration increased from 20 seconds to 23 seconds.


Please note that the developers have stated that this is not an exhaustive list of all changes. With more feedback being listened to, more changes may be added as they continue to make adjustments.

Twin Striker

The following changes will be made to the Twin Striker class:


–  G3n: Has been changed from 15% to 30%.
–  G3 Beta: has been changed from 150% to 200%.

Vortex Impact:

–  Damage has increased by 10%.

Keen Strider

The following changes will be made for the Keen Strider class:

Basic Attacks:

– 3rd normal attack damage increased by 20%.

– 4th normal attack damage increased by 20%.

– Charged normal attack increased by 10%.

– Dodge Attack damage increased by 20%.


Twin Flash:

– Cooldown has been reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.

– Increased duration to the buff from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.


Stampede Arrow (Multishot):

– Cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.

– Poison Hite Rate increased from 2 seconds to 1 second.

– Poison duration changes:

  • Normal & Beta: From 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Alpha: From 13 seconds to 7 seconds.

– Poison damage changes:

  • Normal: Increased by 50%
  • Beta: Increased by 40%
  • Alpha: Increased by 100%


Mortal Gravity (Ultimate):

– Cooldown has been reduced from 210 seconds to 170 seconds.

– Damage increased by 100%.

Spell Weaver

The following changes will be made to the Spell Weaver class:


– Stagger inflicted by Icicle has been reduced.



– AOE Damage increased by 70%

– AOE Duration increased:

  • Normal & Alpha: From 6.3 seconds to 13 seconds.
  • Beta: From 7.1 seconds to 16 seconds.

– Blizzard now lasts for 10 seconds.

– The radius of Blizzard has also increased.

– Movement Speed Slow effect has increased from 30% to 60%.



– Charge time has been reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1.16 seconds.

– EP (Mana) cost reduced by 10% at max charge.


Flame Grenade:

– The quick charge duration has been increased from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

– Flame Grenade EP cost reduced by 5% at max charge.



– Increased the Elemental Charge accumulation from 7 to 10.5.


Thunder Mine:

– Thunder Mine’s damage has been increased during Elemental Burst:

  • Elemental Status Effect LVL1: 10%
  • Elemental Status Effect LVL2: 40%
  • At Elemental Burst: 60%

Foe Breaker

The following changes will be made for the Foe Breaker class:

It was noted that players were using “Dust Vortex” too much, with “Rock Body”‘s shield being too strong.

Rock Body:

– HP Damage shield has reduced:

  • Normal & Beta: From 60% to 30% of Max HP.
  • Alpha: From 90% to 40% of Max HP.


Anchor Drive:

– The cooldown has been reduced from 15 seconds to 11 seconds.

Additional Changes

Additional updates are tentatively scheduled for October, and several changes are planned:

– Adventure Board progress will be counted retroactively.

– Performance improvements when mounted.

– Enhancements to the Party Finder/Open Party system, including a maximum range for partying and the ability to see who has the system active.

– Introduction of a “Vote Kick” feature for parties.

– Simplified methods to obtain clothing dyes.

– Expansion of skill and build options for characters. (No specifics yet)

– To prevent abuse of in-game currency (BPP), dyes that cannot be exchanged for BPP will be distributed.

– Addition of more beauty salon tickets, allowing specific changes like hair or makeup alterations.

– Exploration of potential changes to make combat more diverse and dynamic, though no specifics are provided.

August 16th Content & Events

Here is the breakdown of the Content & Events to be implemented on August 16th, 2023: 

NEW CLASS: Blitz Lancer.

SURVEYS: “Ballroom of the Water Fairy”.

  • “Chained One’s Spawnery”
  • “The Stage of Wind Fairy・Free Survey”.


FIELD: Soundless City – Free Exploration.

EX RUSH: “Iron Coffin”.

RAID: “The Floating Island of Empty Skies, The Earth Dragon Assaults’.

TIME ATTACK: “Thieve’s Fall”

SCORE ATTACK: “The Boruomu Ruins”

3 new “named enemies” / Battle Echoes.

New Battle Echoes

From left to right, the new Battle Echo names are as followed:

  • Sapphire Gekko
  • Omega Function
  • The Ringleader of the Britle Calamity (very literal translation. Perhaps “Titan” or “Demagogue” would be less of a mouthful).

Level Up Campaign

Blitz Lancer Catch Up Campaign:

–  Login bonus includes Drop Drops, Experience Boosts, a stylish Helmet, and a Spear Weapon Skin.

–  The memory effect that increases enemy experience gained is boosted by 10%.

–  There’s a 10% discount on weapon crafting using Luno (currency).

Blue Protocol - Webmoney & Twitter (X) Campaign

BP x Webmoney Campaign:

Players receive rewards based on the amount of Webmoney spent to top up their accounts. Spending 10,000 YEN earns the player the “Traveler Polka” outfit.

  • Retweet Milestone:

    • Upon reaching a certain number of retweets, free gacha tickets are given to everyone, with a maximum of 7 tickets.
  • New Player Goodies:

    • Players receive rewards such as the Feste Alpha, a weapon skin ticket, and other items for new players.
  • Daily Rewards:

    • Every day, 10 players are randomly selected to receive free Rose Orbs.
  • Weekly Mount Reward:

    • Every week, players who meet specific conditions have a chance to win a Black Land Fox mount.

Beauty Salon Additions

As shown above, there will be new additions to the Beauty Salon. Please note, it is quite difficult to tell the effect each individual beauty mark changes, so be sure to test each mark out in-game on your own character.

It is also worth mentioning that most, if not, all face paint/makeup options are unisex!

New Rose Orb Cosmetics

As shown above, there will be new, Rose Orb Cosmetics!

Please note that what was shown on stream may not be an exhaustive list of every new item to come in the August update patch.

New Gacha (Capsulator) Banners

What is an MMORPG without your staple Maid & Butler outfits, right? The new Gacha Capsulator Outfit & Mount banners will be hitting in full force for this August update!

Maid & Butler Banner:

  • Six (6) Female Maid Outfits
  • Six (6) Male Butler Outfits
  • Black Maid/Butler Weapon Skins

Pulling on this banner 10x & 20x will award the player with new gestures respectively. However, pulling 30x will award you an impressive heart strike gesture! 

Mount Banner:

  • Small Brown Pig Mount
  • Small Blonde Pig Mount
  • Small Pink Pig Mount

Pulling 110x & 220x on either banner will award the player with a random S Rank box.

Season 2 Pass Begins & BPP Rewards

As Season 1 of the Season Pass comes to an end, Season 2 is on the horizon, with new fancy rewards for you all to earn.

Please note that if you purchased the Season 1 Pass, you will be able to get the Season 2 Pass for free! A word of caution: Use those Season 1 Season Points before August 16th! They do not convert over to Season 2 Season Points. 

  • New Class Anniversary Pack:
    • Limited to 1 stock.
    • Contains the Tyris Stamp Set (also available separately).
  • New Headwear:

    • Includes hats that are worn on the head, not in the accessory slot.
  • Ponytail Extensions and Sunglasses:

    • There are ponytail extensions available.
    • A pair of aviator sunglasses is also introduced, which are well-received.
  • Season 2 Lineup:
    • The Battle Echo in the Season 2 Passa is named Jake.
    • Jake Alpha has a jump attack swing that increases aggro.
    • Jake Beta performs a helm splitter and increases aggro. (Read below for a video demonstration.)
  • Outfits from Events:
    • Some of the outfits are sourced from the monthly event and the Blitz Lancer event.
  • Outfits and Emotes:
    • In Season 2, there will be new outfits and emotes available for players to enjoy.

And much more! Log in on August 16th to see the full Season 2 Season Pass rewards list.

New GC Rewards

New additions to the GC Store (Glory Coin Store) will be added.

New Monthly Event

  • Monthly Event Overview (August): The event involves collecting a currency called “Lost Ancient Mural” to obtain outfits and various items from the shop.

  • Details of the Lost Mural Monthly Event:

    • The new monthly event shares similarities with the current summer event due to time constraints, meaning no entirely new mechanics have been introduced.
    • Unlike the previous Summer  Event, players are not required to wear specific outfits to gain extra drops.
    • The drop rate is approximately doubled compared to the ongoing event.
    • Adventure board rewards have been increased to roughly three times the rewards of current events.
    • Completing dungeons and crafting gear may yield extra currency, although specifics are unclear.
  • Balancing the Event and Class Progression:

    • The intention is to ensure players don’t feel compelled to choose between participating in the event and focusing on leveling their character’s class.
  •  Monthly Events Moving Forward:

    • The developers are still discussing how to structure monthly events moving forward, tinkering with possible solutions. Please look forward to how they address this.

New Class: Blitz Lancer Gameplay & Information

Blitz Lancer, will be released on August 16th, 2023.

The Blitz Lancer is characterized by their light footwork and the use of a thin lance with the utilization of the unique “Sigil” gauge, suggesting a unique mechanic or effect the Blitz Lancer offers. It is emphasized that the class can be powerful when properly understood and utilized, but random actions may not yield the desired results – so study up!

Keep in mind that the performance of the Blitz Lancer is much stronger in a party setting, as the Blitz Lancer does not have any healing skills!

Keep applying your Sigils for maximum damage output. If a fellow Blitz Lancer in your party is only applying 1 or 2 Sigils, and you’re playing a Blitz Lancer yourself – help out and apply the missing sigils for optimal gameplay.

Blitz Lancer Class Gimmick & Mechanic

A class that uses a lance with both hands, excels with quick light footwork that allows it to hit enemies and runaway. It also has powerful air combos. Blitz Lancer can attach “Sigils” to enemies, hits with skills can activate the Sigils at will and inflicts ailments. Fight using the Class Action Escape Jump to take distance well. The class also has a low amount of defense.

Usable Weapon – Lance
Class Gauge – Sigils

1. There are 3 types of Sigils. When activating 1 or more of them at once, an additional area attack occurs.

Sigil/Hajike (Repulse) – Additional damage on the hit enemy on activation

Sigil/Utsuro (Hollow) – Inflicts “Dealt Damage Down” debuff on the activating enemy

Sigil/Karami (Entangle) – Inflicts “Movement Speed Down” debuff on the activating enemy

2. Buffs/Debuffs exclusive to Blitz Lancer

Mark Trigger – Increases the effect of consumed Sigils

Hunting Zone – Makes an shockwave originate at the location hit with Leap Shot, pulling hit enemies closer.

Prepare Mode – After a certain timespan, increases the power of the next T-Skill used, according to the number of consumed sigils within a certain time span. The power increase has an upper limit.

New Official Japanese Discord

Bandai Namco revealed their new officially endorsed Japanese Discord community server – powered by 4Gamer! We ask that you do not disrupt the Japanese community by joining and potentially harassing Japanese players. 

Special Present (Item Codes)

The team is giving away two item codes which you can enter on the Blue Protocol website to receive free rewards in-game.

Item 1: Ability Plug Recovery Ticket x1
Code: eG3p7Rh3GV3wM85J

Item 2: Tuning Ticket 1.3x Ticket x4
Code: 4hB7CwhGMZyYwg5v

These items can simply be claimed by logging in to the website and following the steps in the image below.

Claiming Items

  1. Log in to the official Blue Protocol website from the top right corner. Then go to your My Page.
  2. Press “Enter Serial Code” button.
  3. Enter the Serial Code and then hit confirm.

Conclusion & Next Livestream

In conclusion, the next Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #11.0 is tentatively scheduled “mid September” of 2023! A special announcement was made about the #12.0 Livestream. This will be held in person at the Tokyo Gameshow (TGS) in Japan.

Thank you very much for reading this English-translated article of the Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #10.0, and to everyone who watched live on YouTube!

Please be sure to join our Discord, and support us on our socials using the buttons below, for the latest information on Blue Protocol. See you all next time.


Written By: Niko & Perciculum
Graphic Designs By: Owlski
Live Translated By: Iluna Minori

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