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Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #9


Welcome back adventurers! Today, the Blue Protocol Database team will be covering the latest updates in the mix directly from Bandai Namco’s Developer Livestream #9. Our expansive deep dive will cover all of the latest findings translated directly from the stream. If you prefer a video and audio overview, please feel free to check out the English translated video directly from us below.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Without further ado, let us continue with the contents available from today’s stream.

Content Overview

The segment from today will feature several different parts in the content overview. Let’s break down the key points which the developers have shared:

  • Release thoughts, apologies and gratitude to the players
  • Player Data and Feedback
  • Introducing the July 12th Content Updates
  • Updated Roadmap Information for August
  • Special Notice (Presents to the players!)

Developer Thoughts & Apologies

Left, General Management Director Suzuki. Center, Executive Producer Shimooka. Right, Development Director Fukuzaki.

The developers over at Bandai Namco began this section by thanking all the players for playing the game and supporting Blue Protocol. The team also stepped up to humbly apologize to the players for the difficulties which users faced with both issues from certain errors and lag which occurred from the beginning of the service.

The team also stated that they are aware about a lot of the bugs that are occurring within the game. The bugs mentioned specifically were related to players being unable to receive rewards from certain main quests and dungeons,  certain skill cooldowns that were not working properly, and more. The team reassured everyone that they are looking into fixing all of these problems which the players are experiencing.

Executive Producer Shimooka goes on to say that they are very happy that so many people were able to enjoy the world of Regnas. Knowing this, to meet the demands and expectations of the players, they will do their very best to provide an amazing experience. Please continue to give feedback to improve the game.

Player Data & Feedback

Section Overview:
1.  Bug fixes, dealing with cheating
2. Adventure Board Improvements
3. Class Adjustments
4. Mount Riding
     – Mount Gathering (August 2023)
     – Mount Performance Changes (October 2023)

Bug Fixes & Cheating

The first section in the player data and feedback section touches upon bug fixes and dealing with cheating specifically. They have received many reports about bugs and players using hacks or unauthorized programs to access the game. They’re aware about players using cheat engines to bypass skill cooldowns, godmode and things of that nature. The developers noted if you are found cheating, your account will be suspended permanently.  They’re currently researching on the methods that players are using to access cheats in order to block them in the future. If you see players that are cheating, please make sure to report them because the game masters will check each report individually before taking an action.

Ideally, they want to address all these problems all at once, however they’re implementing a priority system on improving the game related issues first such as bugs before fully focusing on other things.  Some of the bugs will receive temporary fixes before being fully completely fixed for instance. They also continue to go on and say that game performance is also an important part for the developers.

Once everything is addressed, they will provide updates on both their website and Twitter with further information.

Adventure Board Improvements

The developers have a plan to improve the Adventure Board system by using the total count system. Therefore, you will no longer have to return to the zone to kill enemies in order to complete a certain adventure board. If you had multiple adventure boards where you had to kill a certain amount of enemies, those requirements would already be met with the total count of those specific enemies you have killed before. If you killed 200 goblins previously and you receive an Adventure Board later on that requires 200 goblins to be killed, the requirements will automatically be complete.

They’re also looking at increasing the total activated Adventure Boards to 10. They understand players are making the request to have unlimited boards active, but it cannot be done due to server costs and server load capacity issues.

Class Adjustments

The class adjustments section was rather short since they are still finalizing changes. They mentioned that at this time its just number adjustments for now on the individual classes.

More details will be provided at a later time in regards to this.

Mount Riding

Bandai Namco has stated that they have made some mount riding improvements in order to benefit the quality of life available in the game.

Mount Gathering will be available in August 2023.  This means that you will be able to gather materials will traveling on a mount. You’ll be able to do this with all of the mounts. They already have this ready to go and have tested the system internally. Please look forward to it.

Mont Performance Changes will be happening in October 2023. The goal is to improve the overall handling and turning system when riding a mount. The developers will provide more details at a later time in regards to this.

Gacha Improvements

Section Overview:
1.  Increased probability rates for S Rank and B Rank items obtained from the Gacha system.
2. Offering S Rank items with a Pity System.
3. Reducing the BPP exchange amount from items due to the above changes
     – There will be no changes to the current gasha which is on sale until the July update.
     – The BPP exchange amount for Gasha S Rank items currently on sale will not change until after the July update.
4. Changes to trading acquired items from the Gacha System.

Gacha Rates & S Rank Pity System

The developers have stated they are providing specific adjustments to the Gacha System. The first thing that is mentioned is increasing the probability rates for both S Rank and B Rank items which are obtained from the Gacha. The rates were low initially, so by increasing the rates this will feel a lot better overall. As you can see above, the chance of receiving S Rank items from the Gacha has increased to 3.00% and the chance to receive B Rank items have increased to 35.00%.

The newly implemented feature in the Gacha System will be the introduction of the Pity System specifically.  After rolling 110x and 220x you will receive a random selection box. You can track in-game how many pulls you have left until you receive the pity box.

BPP Exchange Changes

With the newly posted rates mentioned in the Gacha improvement system above, BPP item exchanges for S Rank items will be reduced accordingly.

Before: BPP S Rank Exchange (2500)


After: BPP S Rank Exchange (1000)


Gacha Item Trading Changes

To prevent any future abuse, items which were obtained from the free Gacha tickets can no longer be traded. Players were abusing this feature by making new characters to receive Gacha tickets and then sending the costume items earned to their main characters.

July 12th Content Updates

We’ve gone ahead and translated the above “July 12th Update Breakdown” image for you all:
  • Exploration: Remains of the Bandit Cave behind the Waterfal
  • Exploration: High-rank Exploration Strike A! Insect Bastion of Dawn (dungeon from Evergreen Desert, very top-right)
  • Field: Birth Shack of the Chained God – Free Exploration, Forest of Neverending Rain – Free Exploration
  • EX Rush Battle: EX Rush battle Rank 1 – Revival
  • Raid: Floating Island of Void – Attack of the Flame Dragon (analogous to the current ice variant)
  • Time Attack: TA – Soundless Capital (dungeon from Asteria Plains, top left)
  • Score Attack: SA – Insect Bastion of Dawn (dungeon from Evergreen Desert, very top-right)
  • Enemies: 4 (4 new ones)
  • Summer Event: Tropical Resort!

Beauty Salon Changes

As shown above, there will be new additions to the Beauty Salon. Please note, it is quite difficult to tell the affect each individual beauty mark changes, so be sure to test each mark out in-game on your own character. You will also be able to Beauty Salon styles without having to purchase a ticket! Please note that what was shown on stream is not an exhaustive list of every new item to come in the Summer Event patch:

  • One (1) Masculine Hairstyle & one (1) Feminine Hairstyle
  • Three (3) Face Paints
  • Two (2) Types of Scars
  • Two (2) Eye Pupil Variations
  • Two (2) Masculine Eyelashes & two (2) Feminine Eyelashes

New Rose Orb Cosmetics

As shown above, there will be new, summer specific Rose Orb Cosmetics! Please note that what was shown on stream is not an exhaustive list of every new item to come in the Summer Event patch:

  • Two (2) Hair Addons/Strands
  • Two (2) Masculine Rings & two (2) Feminine Rings
  • Two (2) Masculine Inner Tube Back Accessories & two (2) Feminine Inner Tube Back Accessories

New Gacha Banners

With the Summer heat hitting hard, it’s appropriate to say these new Summer Gacha Banners are hitting just as hard! Please note that what was shown on stream is not an exhaustive list of every new item to come in the Summer Event patch:

  • To start, there will be eight (8) Masculine & eight (8) Feminine swimsuit variations players will be able to roll for. The styles range from classy, to a little risqué!
  • In addition to the Masculine & Feminine swimsuits, we have three (3) new “Floating Eye” Mount variations. Rolling 10x & 20x on the Mount Banner will reward you with the left, and right gestures respectively. Don’t worry – these gestures are Unisex, and can be used by any type of character.

New BPP Rewards

While accumulatiing BP Points (BPP) from your Gacha rolls, there will be new Summer themed back accessories you’ll be able to choose from with four (4) variations of the Inner Tube back accessory & four (4) variations of the Surf Board back accessories.

New GC Rewards

There will also be new Summer themed items hitting the GC Store:

  • Fovi’s & Powarie’s Hairstyle
  • Four (4) Seashell Hairpins
  • Four (4) Rings
  • Two (2) Surf Board Back Accessories
  • & Fireworks

New Free Roam Dungeon

Before reading, please watch the video demonstration on the new free roaming dungeon “Forest of Neverending Rain”.

In Forest of Neverending Rain, the developers note that the weather is constantly in a state of rain. Players are able to interact with a Camp as well as Adventure Boards to enhance their Echos with recipes. They did not want to spoil and show too much of the zone, so please look forward to more details regarding this.

Summer Event: Tropical Resort

Let’s break down the new Summer Event: Troptical Resort. Players are able to collect an event “shell” currency. This currency is able to be gathered by the following methods:

  • Event Side Quests
  • Wearing the Event Quest Outfit while completing said Tasks for more Currency
  • Clearing the Limited Time Event Adventure Board (including an Elite Monster that drops a Battle Echo!)

The Tropical Resort Event will end after July, but players are able to hold onto the “Shell” currency even after the event has concluded! Onto the Event Currency Exchange Shop, containing the following:

  • Enhanced Echo Recipes
  • Permanent “Event” Outfit
  • 2 Socket Tickets
  • Ability Plug Removal Tickets
  • Crafted “Great Success” 1.3x Tickets
  • Dyes
  • Emotes/Gestures
  • Luno (game currency)
  • Drop % Boosts

Please wait until patch day to explore the full store for better clarity.

Blitz Lancer Gameplay & Information

The 6th class for Blue Protocol – Blitz Lancer, will be releasing in August 2023.

The Blitz Lancer is characterized by their light footwork and the use of a thin lance with the utilization of the unique “Sigil” gauge, suggesting a unique mechanic or effect the Blitz Lancer offers. It is emphasized that the class can be powerful when properly understood and utilized, but random actions may not yield the desired results – so study up!

Keep in mind that the performance of the Blitz Lancer is much stronger in a party. Next time, the developers will show Blitz Lancer in a party environment.

Blitz Lancer Mechanics

A class that uses a lance with both hands, excels with quick light footwork that allows it to hit enemies and runaway. It also has powerful air combos. Blitz Lancer can attach “Sigils” to enemies, hits with skills can activate the Sigils at will and inflicts ailments. Fight using the Class Action Escape Jump to take distance well. The class also has a low amount of defense.

Usable Weapon – Lance
Class Gauge – Sigils

1. There are 3 types of Sigils. When activating 1 or more of them at once, an additional area attack occurs.

Sigil/Hajike (Repulse) – Additional damage on the hit enemy on activation

Sigil/Utsuro (Hollow) – Inflicts “Dealt Damage Down” debuff on the activating enemy

Sigil/Karami (Entangle) – Inflicts “Movement Speed Down” debuff on the activating enemy

2. Buffs/Debuffs exclusive to Blitz Lancer

Mark Trigger – Increases the effect of consumed Sigils

Hunting Zone – Makes an shockwave originate at the location hit with Leap Shot, pulling hit enemies closer.

Prepare Mode – After a certain timespan, increases the power of the next T-Skill used, according to the number of consumed sigils within a certain time span. The power increase has an upper limit.

Blitz Lancer Gameplay Showcase

Blitz Lancer Ultimate Skill

Terms of Service Announcement (Japan)

The developers wanted to remind users that are playing outside of Japan that the Terms of Service states this version of the game is only applicable to players living in Japan. They will suspend your account if you are using this service from outside Japan. Please contact your overseas publishers for more information about Blue Protocol.

Special Present (Item Codes)

The team is giving away two item codes which you can enter on the Blue Protocol website to receive free rewards in-game.

You can claim these items starting from July 6th until July 12th. After that, you can no longer claim the items.

Item 1: Gacha Ticket x1
Code: C8eYRtuZAWWffQAa

Item 2: Great Success 1.3x Ticket x4
Code: d3YQdwPTSFtKjPTC

These items can simply be claimed by logging in to the website and following the steps in the image below.

Claiming Items

  1. Log in to the official Blue Protocol website from the top right corner. Then go to your My Page.
  2. Press “Enter Serial Code” button.
  3. Enter the Serial Code and then hit confirm.


In conclusion, the next Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #10 is tentatively scheduled “early August” of 2023!

Thank you very much for reading this English translated article of the Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #9, and to everyone who watched live on our Twitch channel! Please be sure to join our Discord, and support us on our socials using the buttons below, for the latest information on Blue Protocol.


Written By: Fragments & Niko
Incorporated By: Perciculum
Graphic Designs By: Owlski
Translated By: Iluna Minori & Chi-Chan

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