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Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #8


Welcome to today’s Developer Livestream #8 Deep Dive. BLUE PROTOCOL, Developed by the esteemed studios of Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios, this captivating online action RPG is set to take the gaming world by storm. Initially launching on PC, it is scheduled to grace the realms of PS5 and XBOX X|S series as well.

So, without further ado, let us continue with the contents of today’s stream.

Developer Livestream #8.0 Agenda

Let’s break down the key points that the Developers shared:

  • Overview of the Launch
  • Pre-Registrations and Pre-Download
  • Twitter/Retweet Campaigns
  • Regnas Store & Monetization
  • Update Roadmap #2

After a short 5 minute intermission:

  • Gameplay Demonstrations

JP Launch Time

It was revealed that the Blue Protocol Japanese servers are set to go live at 12:00hrs JST on June 14th, 2023.

The cash shop (Regnas Store) will open 3 hours after launch – with maintenances happening weekly on Wednesdays at 10:00hrs JST.

If you have yet to download the Blue Protocol client, the Pre-download link can be found here (25gb): https://blue-protocol.com/news/79

Launch Campaigns

Due to legality issues, we are unable to promote login promotions and campaigns specifically targeting overseas users. This limitation is due to the variations in regulations and requirements across different jurisdictions.

However, we have an exciting opportunity for players to engage with the game through team (Guild) participation: By joining a team (Guild) and collectively working towards reaching level 2, all team members will be rewarded with an in-game ring.

Rose Orb Store (Cash Shop)

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The Regnas Store offers various purchasable items. Here’s a summary of what you can find:

  • The more you buy at once, the greater the rewards.
  • Limited packs are available for a one-time purchase per account within a specified period.
  • Underwear (listed separately for males and females) with the same functionality is available.
  • Buying packs is more cost-effective.
  • Starter items include costumes and mounts.
  • Accessories are available, including wigs with the same hair color.
  • Stamps and gestures can be purchased, and you can try out gestures before buying them.


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list found in the Regnas Store, with the full list of items becoming visible once the servers go live.

Gacha System

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In the game, there are Gachas available for players to roll. These Gachas can be rolled using tickets, which can be obtained from Season Passes and the Regnas Store. The sets obtained from Gachas are not bound sets, allowing players to freely combine them as desired.

When rolling the costume Gacha 10 times, players receive a bonus gesture.When rolling for the Mount Gacha 10 times, you are awarded with a cute Fairy Wing accessory!

Regarding duplicates, there are three choices available since there is no marketplace or auctioning system in the game:

  • Send duplicates to an alternate character on your account.
  • Send duplicates to a friend.
  • Exchange duplicates for BPP (Blue Protocol Points).

It’s important to mention that we cannot promote stimulation of the Japanese economy as the game is currently limited to the Japanese market. We provide an overview of the Gacha system within the game, excluding specific details about buying, transferring, or other related mechanics. Thank you for understanding.

Season Pass

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Season 1

Season Passes in Blue Protocol typically lasts around 50 to 60 days. During a season, players can earn Season Points by completing Season Quests. There are three types of plans available:

  • The free Basic Plan
  • The paid Advanced Plan
  • The paid Royal Plan.

Players can choose to purchase either the Advanced or Royal Plan, but not both simultaneously.

The free Basic Plan will allow players to progress up to Rank 60. However, the paid options through the Advanced Plan and the Royal Plan allows players to progress up to rank 100. Selecting the Advanced Plan costs players 180 rose orbs, while the Royal Plan costs 550 rose orbs. Players will also have the option to buy Season Pass ranks using 30 rose orbs.

When purchasing the Royal Pass, players receive an immediate boost of 25 ranks. This bundled offer is more cost-effective than purchasing the ranks separately.

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By progressing through the levels in Season 1 of the Season Pass, players have the opportunity to obtain a discount ticket for Season 2. This ticket allows them to receive a reduced price when purchasing the Season 2 Advanced Pass.

If players manage to reach the maximum rank in Season 1, they are rewarded with a free Advanced Pass for Season 2. This means they can enjoy the benefits of the paid Advanced Plan in the following season without having to make an additional purchase.

These rewards provide incentives for players to actively participate and progress in Season 1, offering them advantages and discounts when transitioning to future Season Passes.

Limited Time Content

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Let’s talk about rotating limited-time content! including two types of raid structures:

  • The regular raid, which is always active, can be found on the left side.
  • On the right side, there is a harder raid that changes with each update, continuously swapping to provide new challenges and experiences for players.

Special Rewards

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Reaching certain rankings rewards (leaderboards shown in-game and on the official website) players with various prizes.

However, it’s important to note that titles and accessories earned through these rankings are time-sensitive, meaning they are only available for a limited duration. The player who achieves the top rank receives both crowns, which are also time-limited rewards.

Time Attacks and Score Attacks are types of content that have a set duration for participation. These events typically run for approximately 2 weeks at a time, providing players with a limited time to participate and earn rewards based on their performance.

Time & Score Attack

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TA (Time Attack) and SA (Score Attack), which are numbered as TA1, SA1, TA2, and so on. It’s important to note that the titles and accessories earned during these events can only be used until the next TA or SA begins. Each TA and SA event is treated separately in terms of the rewards and their availability.

The dungeons associated with these events will consistently change every ranking reset, providing new challenges and experiences for players, instead of running the same dungeon over and over again.

Visual Upgrade

The developers also showcased a few dungeon screenshots. Players who have played before will remember this. One of the dungeons has undergone significant changes since its appearance in the Alpha Test years ago.

The left side of the teaser showcases dungeons from the Story Chapter 3, but there is also a new dungeon included. This new dungeon is set in an environment where it is constantly raining within the dungeon.

New Class - Blitz Lancer

The 6th class for Blue Protocol – Blitz Lancer, will be releasing in August 2023.

Although not much information was provided this Livestream, a brief description is given.

The Blitz Lancer is characterized by their light footwork and the use of a thin lance with the utilization of the unique “Sigil” gauge, suggesting a unique mechanic or effect the Blitz Lancer offers. It is emphasized that the class can be powerful when properly understood and utilized, but random actions may not yield the desired results – so study up!

It was hinted that more information will be provided about the Blitz Lancer in the Developer Livestream #9.

July & August Update Plan

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To kick off the launch of Blue Protocol – a Summer Event teaser image is shown. Be on the lookout for summer themed items, costumes, and events slated for July!

Content for July & August will be detailed during the #9.0 Developer Livestream early next month.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Before logging into your character, you will be required to set up a “secondary password system” as a form of two-factor authentication.

This is an additional security measure. While some players may find it bothersome, it is critical that this is for the protection of your account.

In the event that someone gains unauthorized access to a player’s character, tracking and resolving the issue can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. If the second password is entered incorrectly multiple times, it will be necessary to reset it for the BN ID account associated with the game. This process involves receiving a code or URL via the registered email address. Importantly, this secondary password is entered within the game itself and does not require a separate device like a phone.

It is strongly advised not to share this password with anyone. Please be careful when logging in while streaming Blue Protocol, as the password entry is required before loggin into your character!

Manners and Ettiquette Guideline

Live Demonstrations

Echo Demonstraion

Salamzart Oasis Gameplay

Evergreen Desert Exploration

Score Attack Demonstration

Hand Holding Demonstration


In conclusion, the next Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #9.0 is tentatively scheduled “early July” of 2023!

Thank you very much for reading this English translated article of the Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #8, and to everyone who watched live on our new Twitch channel! (twitch.tv/BlueProtocolDB)- please be sure to join our Discord, and support us on our socials using the buttons below, for the latest information on Blue Protocol.


Written By: Niko
Incorporated By: Perciculum
Graphic Designs By: Owlski & Chi-chan
Translated By: Iluna Minori & Chi-chan

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