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May Development Livestream Summary

Greetings Adventurers of Regnus! The Blue Protocol Database is here to showcase some exciting information which had been presented to us from the Developer Livestream held by the BLUE PROTOCOL developers yesterday! After waiting a month, the BLUE PROTOCOL developers followed up with a livestream full of a few new surprises! 1. Heavy Smasher (New […]

Livestream Summary #2

Welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! Several hours ago the developers of Blue Protocol held their second YouTube livestream. That means we here at the Database are bringing you the highlights of the stream and primarily focusing on new information. Without further delay, lets get into it. CLOSED BETA APPLICATIONS The deadline for the […]

Livestream Summary #1

The developers of Blue Protocol have concluded the first livestream with a lot of new information for the community. For the livestream segment, we divided the presentation into five different parts. Summary This is a base summary of what was learned from the stream. Not everything here is displayed and will be shown in the […]