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Livestream Summary #1

The developers of Blue Protocol have concluded the first livestream with a lot of new information for the community. For the livestream segment, we divided the presentation into five different parts.


This is a base summary of what was learned from the stream. Not everything here is displayed and will be shown in the next development episode! There will be (2) more streams which will happen throughout the application period.

  • The Closed Beta Test will involve in measuring the server load capacity, development direction and game parameter improvements which allude to the overall scaling of the game.
  • A new dungeon will be available.
  • Raidbosses and a Time Attack Dungeon will be available in the testing phase.
  • An in-depth Character Creation system was displayed for both genders which featured different customization.
  • An introduction to the main story of Blue Protocol was displayed through the beginning cutscene of the game.
  • Exploration of “Asterleeds” the main hub in Blue Protocol. They visited the various NPC’s around the town and showed the beautiful features of the city.
  • PVP Arena will be available for exploration purposes only.
  • New zones will be accessible for this test.
  • Showcase of various emotes, stickers and stamps.
  • New class abilities were displayed. Aegis received an area of effect ability. Twin Striker received a fire combination ability. Blast Archer received a crowd control ability named Earth Shot. Spellcaster received an ability with fire grenades.
  • The Blue Protocol Team is creating real life weapons which resemble classes that are available in game.
  • Unique Feste shirt! (A character which we are introduced to in the main story!)
  • (2) more development streams to show us more information about the game.
Developer Team
  • Part 1 – Character Creation: A presentation of new features that were added to the character creation system.
  • Part 2 – Story Introduction. Talking about Main NPC who will follow you during your exploration.
  • Part 3 – City Exploration – Take a tour of the main city in Blue Protocol named Asterleeds.
  • Part 4 – New Skill Additions – Displaying the skills which were added for various classes.
  • Part 5 – Weapon & Clothing – Displaying the weapons from Blue Protocol in real life and a unique Feste shirt!

1. Character Creation

Part 1 talked about the Character Creation system and the different ways you are able to customize it. In particular, they started the presentation by showing us the body types that you are able to customize. There are many different body types to select from to create the perfect character in your vision!

Male Body
Female Body

The next section that was provided was about the facial customization system. You can choose from different types of gradient colored hair if you wish to do so. Additionally, there are many customization styles available for the eyes. In particular, you can select various iris colors or even have odd colored eyes. You can also add face paint (alluding to make up) and scars to the face. The nose and mouth can also be altered to suit your own preference.

Male Face
Female Face

2. Story Introduction

After creating your character, you will directly immerse yourself into the world of Blue Protocol. A cutscene is displayed at the beginning of the game to introduce a mysterious element about the world of Regnus.

After being teleported into the world of Regnus, you find yourself in combat with a fierce monster. You are then presented with a short tutorial on how to use the combat system against this foe.

Shortly after you finish defeating the foe from the tutorial, you are knocked unconscious from fatigue..

After being knocked unconscious from your first battle, you wake up and meet a new prominent story character named Feste. When you woke up, you lost all memories of who you were and where you came from. Feste felt that it was a lonely way to live life without knowing who you are or your past. Therefore, she offers to become an adventurer with you.

She will then offer to sign a contract to become your servant.

You are now friends with Feste.

3. City Exploration

Welcome to Asterleeds, your new home in the world of Regnus.

The NPC with the white robes is known as the Class Master. Here you can change between your desired classes.

The blonde haired character which is displayed here is Jake. He was known to be the self-proclaimed “top” adventurer in Regnus.

The NPC at the front desk allows you to take quests. We can see that there are two different quests shown in the picture which have different objectives. The quest that is selected with the green background which has a shovel and pickaxe icon requires you to gather certain materials from the zones. The secondary quest in the menu to the left with the sword icons imply that you must kill monsters in the zone.

This red-haired NPC here is Einal. He teaches you about the gestures which you can use in Blue Protocol.

Located here is the Imajinn Research Facility. Expect to create different kind of Imajinn creatures here.

This is the map of Asterleeds. It’s very convenient in the sense that they have placed teleportation devices around the city to get around easier.

Here we have the character sitting at the local bar in town. NPC’s in the bar are seen playing music and dancing. We can sit down at the bar and make very cute looking gestures like this! It’s a very nice place to relax and hang out with your friends.

The beautiful sunset in Asterleeds by the beach. What an amazing sight! You can even leave footprints on the sand at the beach!

This is known as the Memory Stand which is located at the beach. It’s a new feature that was recently added and alludes to receiving class buffs.

Time changes quickly in Regnus. Climb around the city and explore the high points! We can even sit here until sunrise for a magnificent view.

The chat system in Blue Protocol. You can use stickers and stamps to express yourself! It’s very similar to using LINE or Kakao.

4. Skill Additions

These are the newly introduced skills for each class.

Aegis Fighter – Holy Attribute AoE (Area on Effect)

Twin Striker – Fire Attribute Skill

Blast Archer – Earth Attribute Skill (Crowd Control)

Spell Caster – Fire Attribute Skill

5. Weapon & Clothing

The development team over at Blue Protocol crafted some real weapons from the game. We even got to see a cool shirt design!

The metal case displayed which hold the weapons forged in real life!

This is an actual shield that was created. It comes with a unique sword as well! A strong resemblance to Aegis Fighter!

This is a shirt of Feste. She is one of the characters that we were just introduced to in the Main Story!

This wraps up our development episode for today! Please keep in mind there will be (2) more development streams during the application period.


  • Additional Closed Beta content.
  • New raid bosses.
  • Exploration of the PVP Arena. We won’t be able to fight in it until a later time.
  • Showcase of the new Time Attack Mode.
  • Class Roles and Skills.
  • Story Development.
  • Mount showcase.
  • New fields to explore outside of the city.
  • New dungeons that were not previously in the alpha test.

Thanks to YMEGU and Zakum for the help given.

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