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Livestream Summary #2

Welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! Several hours ago the developers of Blue Protocol held their second YouTube livestream. That means we here at the Database are bringing you the highlights of the stream and primarily focusing on new information. Without further delay, lets get into it.


The deadline for the CBT is fast approaching. The developers want you to hurry up and apply! Though the CBT is still only open to residents of Japan. Lucky for you we’ve got your back! Check out our guides on how to apply to the CBT as well as how to create a Japanese BANDAI NAMCO ID.



A preview of the Aegis Fighter class skill tree as it will appear in the CBT.
  • Columns correspond to individual class skills as seen in the CAT
  • Each skill node is unlocked and increased (?) by the allocation of skill points.
  • Skill points are awarded upon leveling and quests.
  • In order to reset the skill tree you must consume a ticket/token that will be sold in shops – perhaps “the” shop which could mean that tickets/tokens for resetting skills can be sold in the shop in addition to non-premium currency stores.
  • Left side are class skill variants (this allows classes to be built more offensively, defensively, on utility, or otherwise focus on a custom play style) and right side is character attributes and possible stats such as ability cooldown reduction, class resource generation, etc.


An image of an Aegis Fighter‘s character stats and gear level.
  • The “Lv. 1/7” within the red circle indicates that weapons will have levels.
  • No information on if the amount of levels are consistent throughout weapons (low tier weapons versus high tier weapons).
  • Weapon/gear level will likely not be tied to standard experience progression for the character and instead be tied to imbuing special experience into the weapon or some sort of material. This is speculation.


  • Twin Striker will have a combo meter that awards the character bonus damage for every successful attack.
    • Combo meter is X%/130% bonus damage.
    • Meter currently does not empty between fights.
    • The meter appears to build very quickly.
    • Sustaining damage from an attack reduces the combo meter, though by how much is unknown.
  • Spell Caster will have an energy/mana (this will be known as ‘mana’ going forward) meter much like in the CAT. Additionally Spell Casters can imbue their attacks with the elements of Fire, Ice, or Lightning.
    • Mana is X/100 up to 100/100.
    • Mana can quickly be regained through the use of a channeling skill and no longer regenerates passively. It appears that the channeling nature of the skill disables movement. The skill can be canceled at any time.
    • Each element appears to have differing mana costs with Fire being the most expensive to cast and Ice element attacks costing the least.
    • As with the CAT these spells can be charged up to level 2 and some up to level 3. The energy/mana cost increases with each level, roughly doubling the cost per level. A 10 mana level 1 spell can become a 20 mana level 2 spell and so on.
    • When a level 3 spell is released a status effect is placed on the targets of that attack. Fire inflicts a burning DoT, Lightining gives a static DoT that barely does any damage but it appears to also have a possible secondary effect. Ice freezes a target and when a target thaws after a time it will take heavy burst damage.

Livestream Q&A

  • Q: What is pay scheme of the game?
    A: Free To Play with a season pass and limited items (possibly limited time cosmetics).
  • Q: Can the same name be used on different characters?
    A: Yes, names are not unique – there can be more than one character with the same name.
  • Q: Can you select your character’s voice?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Can you remake your character appearance (skin color, hair type, facial hair, etc.)?
    A: That is not implemented yet, though it is planned. The details are still not decided.
  • Q: Can you reassign the gender of a character from male to female or female to male?
    A: nervous and awkward laughter
  • Q: How many characters can a player have?
    A: Two in the CBT, though number of characters in the official release is still undecided.
  • Q: Will there be guilds?
    A: Not in the CBT, they are not prepared yet. However, guilds will be in the official release.
    A2: We want to avoid forcing players to join guilds. (This likely means that a player can play solo without a large disadvantage or being barred from activities that are not specifically made for the guild system.)
  • Q: Will there be social activities such as fishing, casinos, and player housing?
    A: We want to implement these. However, we are doing so very slowly and very carefully. The order in which these are released is very important.
  • Q: Will there be player to player trading? Not materials but social system items such as furniture?
    A: Still considering.
  • Q: Player versus Player?
    A: This hasn’t been planned yet.
  • Q: Will there be additional classes in the official release?
    A: We are working on that and are preparing for additional classes. (Note: This isn’t a confirmation that on release there will be more classes, only that additional classes are planned to be released after the game has been officially launched.)
  • Q: Will the BGM change for the day cycle?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Will outfits be class restricted?
    A: No.
  • Q: Can we use console controllers?
    A: Yes, though only Xbox mapping is supported at this time – we are working on the ability to support more. (Note: The developers have previously stated in the CAT Feedback that they have increased the amount of PC controllers supported. This question is specifically about console controllers and not controllers programmed to be used with PCs.)
  • Q: Will Blue Protocol support 4K monitors?
    A: Not at this time. (Note:Blue Protocol at 1080p on the most common size monitors is how the game was designed to look its best. The developers have said previously that there is little to no gain from trying to implement further quality of monitors and resolution. Blue Protocol is not a graphically complex game.)
  • Q: Will there be support for bots or macros?
    A: No!! No cheating, no bots. You will be banned! (Seriously, who asked this question?)
  • Q: Will there be benchmark software?
    A: We’re currently making that now and would like to release the benchmark software before official release.

That’s it for this Livestream Summary. If you would like to participate in the hype train then join our Discord by clicking on the banner below. You can find a fun community of international Blue Protocol fans to talk to in just a few clicks. The Blue Protocol Database also has a Reddit community.

The next livestream will occur on February 27th, 2020 on the official Blue Protocol YouTube channel.

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