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Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #6

Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #6 – New Features and Monetization System Welcome Adventurers of Planet Regnas! The Blue Protocol Database team is here to provide the community with a detailed and expansive deep dive article covering all of the information found on the original livestream from December 15th, 2022. This article’s information flow will […]

Blue Protocol Launches Globally in 2023

Blue Protocol Launches Globally in 2023 The Game Awards 2022 Publisher Amazon Games and developer Bandai Namco Studios has presented a new trailer through The Game Awards 2022 which showcases their newest upcoming Online Action RPG Blue Protocol. Blue Protocol was confirmed to release through a worldwide medium which now includes the global market outside of […]

Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #5

Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #5 – Global News, Beta & More! Greetings, Adventurers of Planet Regnus! It’s been quite a long journey but we’ve finally made it! With the conclusion of the BLUE PROTOCOL Development Livestream #5, we are here to provide the community with a detailed and expansive English translated deep dive mega-article […]

Bandai Namco Breaks the Silence!

Bandai Namco Breaks the Silence! Greetings, Adventurers of Regnus! The last official update to BLUE PROTOCOL was about a year and a half ago. Today, I am pleased to announce that we have received new official information from a tweet posted on their official Twitter. In preparation for the release, a network test has been […]

Blue Protocol Story Characters

Blue Protocol Story Characters

Greetings, adventurers! The official Japanese Blue Protocol Twitter account introduced to us more story related characters in the last few days! As a countdown to the Blue Protocol Opening Theme which was released on August 25th, each day we were shown a new character which was apart of the opening theme. It is easy to lose track […]

Blue Protocol Database Community Update

Blue Protocol Community Update

Greetings Adventurers of Regnus! The Blue Protocol Database are pleased to announce that we have hit the 10,000 Discord Members milestone. I would also like to thank the Server Boosters who have boosted our server in the last few months as we have finally achieved Level 3! Regarding both our Twitter page, we’re almost at […]

BP Database English Translation Livestream

Greetings adventurers! In continuation from our last article regarding the new BLUE PROTOCOL Development Livestream, we have some more exciting news for you all! For non-Japanese speakers, we understand that it can be difficult to follow information that is being addressed in real-time, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We are excited to announce […]

New Development Livestream announced!

Hello everyone! After a month of missing our monthly Blue Protocol tweet, yesterday, a mysterious blue dot of hope had appeared on the official Blue Protocol YouTube Channel! Today, it was revealed to be a new livestream coming up on the 27th of May at the following times: 8PM – JST 7AM – EST 4AM […]

Blue Protocol Weekly Recap #8

Greetings adventurers, it’s been a while since our last Weekly Recap but we are back once again for our eighth Weekly Recap! We will be giving you a short summary of the Blue Protocol monthly tweets as well as some community-related news. My name is Yozora and I’ll be walking through the eighth Recap with […]