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Blue Protocol Weekly Recap #8

Greetings adventurers, it’s been a while since our last Weekly Recap but we are back once again for our eighth Weekly Recap! We will be giving you a short summary of the Blue Protocol monthly tweets as well as some community-related news. My name is Yozora and I’ll be walking through the eighth Recap with you! The topics we’ll be covering are:

  • Blue Protocol’s “Ii” Tweet
  • New Photo Mode Tweet
  • New Blue Protocol Database Pages

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Blue Protocol’s Ii

A cute and soothing creature, Ii has been introduced to us in Blue Protocol! Ii can be found in lots of places around Asterleeds, so make sure to dance and have fun with them! There have also been some sightings of what looks to be an “Ii Shop” in our recent Closed Beta Test. Here is the video showcasing Ii!

New Photo Mode

Just a week ago, a new feature “Photo Mode” was introduced to Blue Protocol! There are a number of settings separated in different tabs including camera rotation, zoom adjustment, blur intensity and character gaze. This is a great feature for those who love taking screenshots in-game with friends, guilds and more! Here are some amazing screenshots taken with the new Photo Mode!

New BPDB Pages

Before we leave, we would like to direct you to our two new Blue Protocol Database pages:

  • Liquid Memory – A quick summary on how to use Liquid Memory and what it is.
  • BP Terminology – A chart to help you get familiar with the terminology used in Blue Protocol.

And, with that we conclude our eighth Blue Protocol Weekly Recap! We would like to thank you all for reading and if you would like to stay up-to-date with all Blue Protocol News, or if you want to find a soothing and warm community of Blue Protocol adventurers, then click the banner below and join our Discord server!


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