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Blue Protocol Story Characters

Greetings, adventurers! The official Japanese Blue Protocol Twitter account introduced to us more story related characters in the last few days! As a countdown to the Blue Protocol Opening Theme which was released on August 25th, each day we were shown a new character which was apart of the opening theme. It is easy to lose track on the previously known and recently introduced characters. But do not worry, the Database team has you covered by listing all the story characters that were introduced.

Known Characters


She is demi-human girl and acts with the protagonist of the story (you!). Her personality is shrewd and at the mercy of other people. She acts rather skillfully. Her nickname in short is the “Rascal”.


You can meet her wherever you go. She stands quietly and tries not to talk much. But she will try to help you. It seems she also has a relationship to the Bafaria religion.


A mysterious woman who appears at the “kamigakari no mihasira”. Also known as the Divine Sacred Pillar. She comes from the beyond future to undertake a big mission.


Jake is a famous adventurer in Astel Leeds. He calls himself “Top of the top”. The ability of his skills are strong, but his behavior is frivolous.


Tyris is Aerinse’s bodyguard. She prioritizes “what to do” or in short what must be done. She is willing to decide between the most ruthless choices which are sometimes the hardest.

New Characters


A warrior you meet on your journey. He is honest, has a strong sense of justice, and has solid abilities. He is a little careless, but that’s not his fault.


An up-and-coming traveling diva. She’s bright, cheerful, and always overflowing with self-confidence. Because of that, she is also often found to be reckless.


Dunkirk is the leader of the Knights of the Principality of Bernhard, and is also known as “the strongest man”. He has earned the respect and admiration of people all over the world.


The vice commander for the Knights of the Bernhard. With her calm and composed judgment, she is also the loyal aid of Dunkirk.


A mysterious boy appears out of nowhere. He piercingly gazes at you, but it is impossible to figure out his true intentions.


The Dragon King who wields overwhelming power, uniting the Dragon Clan with his aura. He stands in the path of our hero, aiming to kill Aerinse.

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