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BLUE PROTOCOL Localization is underway!

Travelers of Regnus, welcome! The Blue Protocol Database is back with some new information regarding the game. This segment of our article highlights information which confirms a recruitment listing for a Localization Director and the affirmations about a global release which may pertain to multiple regions.

It was recently discovered that BANDAI NAMCO Studios CO, Ltd. was expanding the division of its BLUE PROTOCOL team. Previously, we have already learned that there are certainly globalization plans in the pipeline with trademarks being registered in NA and EU. (More information about this by clicking on this text.) The listing that was located specifically suggests that the team is searching for a Localization Director to recruit for BLUE PROTOCOL and potentially hints towards other important news.

Job Details (Listing Updated October 2020)

OccupationBLUE PROTOCOL / Localization Director
Employment StatusContract employee
Trial period(3) Months
Business Description【Job Description】
You will be the localization director of the PC online action game “BLUE PROTOCOL”.

【Responsible work】
Localization management work for “BLUE PROTOCOL”.
・ General UI work.
・ General Text-themed work.
・ General Voice Cutscene work.
Supervising the localization of the game based on each region.

The translation, recording, and basic localization instructions will be carried out by the publisher’s representative in each region.
The Localization Director will be the liaison to publishers in each region, and will be responsible for localizing the game from within the company, as well as overseeing the localization of the game based on their experience.

【Project Outline】
・ Development title: PC online game “BLUE PROTOCOL”
・ Genre: Online action game
Platform: PC (Under consideration for porting to consumers)
・ Current number of team members: Over 130 (development team)

The PC online game “Blue Protocol” is a completely new IP online action game jointly developed by BNS (Bandai Namco Studios) and BNO(Bandai Namco Online).

Blue Protocol is a title which, while it is centered around a MO(Multiplayer Online)-like action battle, gives a width of playstyles and open-ness of the world similar to an MMO. Due to the anime expressions, which is a forte of BNS (Bandai Namco Studios), it is aimed to become a product in which you can enjoy the action and the visual quality as if you were playing inside an anime.

From the next year onward, we will perform a gradual worldwide release, starting with Japan, and aim for an IP expansion together with development in Media Mix.
The closed α test has already been conducted in Japan in July 2019, and there are high expectations from users.
Qualifications for applicants[Necessary experience / ability]
Development experience with consumer titles released worldwide (or titles of similar scale)

[Experience / ability that is desired]
Localization work experience
Language ability (English)
Experience working abroad (studying abroad)

[Characteristics / Personal Image that is desired ]
・ Person with good coordination skills.
・ Those who are pro-active, self motivated and are able to take initiative.
LocationEitai, Koto City, Tokyo
Nearest station: 8 minute walk from the Monzen-nakacho Station on each line.
Salary and CompensationEstimated Annual Income: 6-8 million yen.
This amount will be decided based on experience and ability.
*Annual income is assumed to include a bonus amount.
Working Hours9:00-17:30
Core hours: 10:00-14:00
Standard working hours: 7.5 hours a day * Many people come to work at 10:00 due to the flexible hours system.
There is a flexible system or a discretionary labor system in place.
Flexible hours system: Core time 10:00-14:00 (may vary depending on the department)
Discretionary labor system: Due to the discretionary labor system for professional work, it is considered to be 7.5 hours of work.
Vacation and Holidays・ Complete weekly two-day system (125 days a year including year-end and New Year holidays and summer vacation / FY2017)
・ Public Holidays
・ Annual paid leave (depending on the date of joining the company only in the first year)
・ Childcare leave
・ Nursing leave
Treatment and BenefitsHealth insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance
・ Condolence money
・ Free clothing
・ Smoking room
We have set up a smoking room that meets the technical standards specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
[Passive smoking prevention information]
Indoor passive smoking control: Yes
Measures: Smoking rooms are available.
Translated listing which shows BANDAI NAMCO Studios CO, Ltd. searching for the position of a Localization Director.

Listing Summary

  • The Localization Director must remain in contact with each region and their publishers to pass localization information. They will be in charge of supervising all locations and providing the framework for other regions to use.
  • It was written from their post that they plan to release the game in Japan from the next year onward and then gradually perform a worldwide release.
  • They are looking to expand to other platforms other than PC in order to reach a wider base of consumers.
  • For the global release, there will potentially be several regions available as the post describes ‘being a liaison to other publishers in each region’ as an important note.

The BLUE PROTOCOL developers have already talked about a possible global launch in their livestreams previously. However, this listing further confirms and identifies that they are working towards a release in the global department in several regions. The listing goes on to describe that the Localization Director must be supervising all the regions and they must remain in contact with publishers providing the framework.

Moreover, it seems that the listing mentions an important factor about a release window. It describes that in the ‘next year onward’, they plan to potentially release the game starting from Japan and then gradually perform a worldwide release. The post also seems to touch upon another important factor which mentions the team is considering porting the game to other platforms in order to reach a greater audience.

**Please note this information is subject to change at any time. The release window can be changed at any moment based on the developers discretion.**

Additionally, the team was looking to expand towards other positions like recruiting more Engineers and Game Designers. Both of these are contract jobs with a trial basis.

Image of BANDAI NAMCO Studios CO, Ltd searching for other positions such as Engineers and Game Designers.

BLUE PROTOCOL Website Update

A new announcement has been published on the official BLUE PROTOCOL website telling us that the official website will be updated on October 12, 2020 (Monday) from 11:00am – 3:00 pm JST. We look forward to seeing new information possibly being provided about the game.

Image of the maintenance posting for the official BLUE PROTOCOL site suggesting new work will be posted on the site.

This marks the ending of our article. As always, thank you so much for supporting us!

If you would like to stay updated for all upcoming news and information regarding Blue Protocol, feel free to join us at our Discord by clicking the image below!

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