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Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #6.3

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Left, General Management Director Suzuki. Center, Executive Producer Shimooka. Right, Development Director Fukuzaki.

With the conclusion of the Blue Protocol Development #6.3 Livestream, we are here to provide the community with a detailed and expansive English translated Deep Dive article covering all of the information found on the original livestream from April 25th, 2023. Please be advised that micro edits may occur after publication, so please be sure to check back every so often for information fact checking.

This article’s information flow will be chronological to mirror what happened during the Livestream. The two main topics being covered today are the Network Test findings, as well as some adjustments being made after the test. Let’s get started!


Server Infrastructure & Errors

The server infrastructure appears to have been experiencing several issues. When the servers were opened, there was an unending loading problem. Additionally, maintenance was required for the Asterliese servers. Network tests yielded errors 101, 103, and 104. Error 101 was attributed to a problem with Windows, while error 104 was caused by various issues such as a lack of location to load into. Despite these issues, the team was able to obtain the desired test results, and the test was deemed stable.

Anti Cheat Software & Banned Accounts

The backend tools and system have several functions to maintain the game’s integrity. The tools can be used to check the status of characters, such as if they are stuck, and take necessary actions. Additionally, there are security solutions in place that allow, and deny certain software while the game is launched. This is done to prevent cheating and ensure fair gameplay. If a player is caught cheating, they can be banned via account termination to maintain the integrity of the game, as shown during the Network Test.

Party Changes & Viral Dev Comments

There are two separate issues that have been addressed. Firstly, there were abnormalities in the party conditions, which caused parties not to form under certain circumstances. The development team has confirmed these issues and is currently working on a fix.

Secondly, adjustments are being made to balance the gameplay. The team is taking steps to ensure that the game is fair and enjoyable for all players.

Additionally, there was a viral comment made by Fukuzaki regarding the NT, which has garnered a lot of attention from the gaming community:

Player & Character Statistical Breakdown

The character gender ratio skews heavily towards female characters, with approximately 75% of characters being female, and only 25% male.

Male Body Types
Male Hairstyle & Color
Female Body Types
Female Hairstyle & Color
Previous slide
Next slide

When comparing specific parts of character creation, such as face 1/2/3 and body size, the development team has taken various factors into account. They have created different options for players to choose from, including different body sizes such as small, medium, and large.

Additionally, the default character look and Blade Warden creation seemed to be the most popular combination during the test – perhaps these testers had gameplay and system testing as a priority, rather than making their characters visually appealing and to their liking.

Network Test Class Popularity

During the testing phase, the development team collected data on class creation based on the levels that players reached.

Approximately 6.2% of players were able to reach level 20 during the test period. This data provided insight into the popularity of the Blade Warden class among players who had advanced further in the game.

Tower & Arena Clear Rate

4.6% of players attemped “The Endless Tower” with a clear rate 80.2% for those who attempted the isntance.

3.7% of players attempted “Arena Rush Battle” with a clear rate of 95.8% for those who attempted the instance.

Echo Crafting Player %

The picture describes the crafting of Echoes in the game. The top left Spider Echo is one of the later Echoes only 0.82% of players in the Network Test were able to craft, while the Boar was able to be crafted by 9.08% of players because the materials had more generous drop rates.

In addition, the Cat Echo was only crafted by 0.08% of players, due to the unknown nature of obtaining the recipe.

Post Network Test Changes

The development team has been working on several adjustments to improve the gameplay experience. One of these adjustments is the change to the “heal over time” system in the field. Players will now be able to heal slowly over time when not in combat, with the healing rate being higher while seated. Additionally, there have been adjustments made to the HP potion resources to balance the game. The team has also been fixing various issues that have been found in safe zones to ensure that players have a safe and fair gameplay experience.

During the testing phase, it was observed that the Keen Strider class had a leg up from the other classes in regards to healing themselves outside of combat. While players playing other classes had to make a big commitment to go back to town or a camp to replenish their supplies. This was not an issue for the Keen Strider class due to their ability to heal themselves outside of combat.

Furthermore, there were some issues found in the safe zones, particularly in Bergmahl, where players had to interact with NPCs to complete quests. This made it difficult when enemies were attacking players in the safe zone. The development team is working to address these issues and provide a more balanced and enjoyable experience for players.

Elite Monster & Dungeon Drop Rate Modifications

The development team has made some changes to the game’s mechanics to provide a better experience for players. Elite monsters have had their HP values nerfed, while their attack values have been buffed. This is to ensure that the monsters remain challenging but not overly difficult. The team is continuing to test and adjust the numbers to ensure that players do not encounter monsters that die too quickly.

Furthermore, the team has boosted the drop rate of items in hard dungeons based on player feedback. A survey conducted by the team revealed that players felt that the drop rates were too low. To address this, the team has implemented changes to increase the number of drops in hard dungeons. These changes are aimed at making the game more rewarding and enjoyable for players.

Class Changes

One of the primary issues they have addressed is the ease with which players could be targeted during combat. This issue, which affected aggro generation, has been fixed, making combat more engaging and challenging.

Each class has also received some ability changes to improve balance and gameplay.

For instance, the Blade Warden’s aggro dragging skill was initially weak at low levels. The team has improved this skill by adding the “provoke” effect.

Similarly, the Twin Striker’s tactical skills cooldown was reduced, and most tactical skills received a damage boost. Last Waltz, a tactical skill that activates when HP is low, has been changed to activate at >70% HP instead of <~33% HP.

All classes received cooldown adjustments to improve gameplay. The Spell Weaver uses EP (Mana), and most tactical skills have received a damage buff, with Blizzard being buffed the most. The team has also made “Concentration” (EP/Mana charging) more effective, allowing players to cast some skills almost all the time in some cases. However, players should be careful when generating aggro.

Keen Strider and Foe Breaker have also received some improvements. Keen Strider’s tactical skills cooldowns have been reduced, and their heals from actions and tactical skills have been increased.

Foe Breaker has received some tactical skills cooldown reduction to improve gameplay. These changes are aimed at creating a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.

Overworld Drop Rate Adjustments

The drop rate for rare enemy drops has been increased. Initially, the drop rates were designed for players to party up hunting for materials, but since parties weren’t formed as often in certain social situations, some adjustments are planned for field play.
However, partying is still intended to be the preferred way to gather your materials.

In addition, some gathering spots are now guaranteed to drop a specific material. It can be frustrating to gather from a spot repeatedly without getting the item you need, so some spots are guaranteed while others will remain based on RNG.

Adventure Rank & Player Level Conflict

The level cap, which was previously based on adventure rank, has been removed. It was frustrating to accumulate Player Levelling EXP without ranking up your adventure rank first.

The Adventure Rank up system was designed to be easier if you created the recommended enhanced Echoes, but it turned out to be challenging, and players were unable to progress without clearing early content. As a result, the level cap has been lifted, enabling players to level up more quickly to clear the Adventure Rank system.

Adventure Rank & Adventure Board

The Adventure Board has undergone some changes, with the left side representing the old version and the right side representing the new one. The top left board is still dedicated to rank up quests, while the bottom left is for weapon quests, and the right is for enhanced Echo quests. The good news is that obtaining rare items for the recipes has become much easier, as some of them are now on the main route.

Overall, the Adventure Board has been revamped to make it easier for players to progress through the game.

Content Difficulty & Player Endgame Wishes

The developers had mentioned that players will still be able to craft the desired item after completing the board. The team wants to create more fun boards and a fun story by adjusting the rewards as well.

However, the end game is beyond the scope of this topic, and they will talk more about it when they can announce the roadmap. The team mentioned that they won’t change every single aspect of what was requested, without a lot of data to warrant a change (which the developers are well aware of the pain points testers exclaimed). They also stated that they are not intending to make some aspects overly hard, and they will continue to make changes.

Finally, the team mentioned that there won’t be another network test!


In conclusion, the BP communication #7.0 is tentatively scheduled for late May of 2023.

While there may be some unforeseen issues that could potentially delay the stream date, the developers are determined to provide players with what they have been eagerly anticipating. Fans of the game can look forward to this upcoming update with excitement and anticipation, as it promises to bring new and exciting features, and possibly a concrete Japanese release date to the public.

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Written By: Niko
Reviewed By: Perciculum
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