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Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #7


Left, General Management Director Suzuki. Center, Executive Producer Shimooka. Right, Development Director Fukuzaki.

Welcome to today’s Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #7.0 Deep Dive. The developers stated multiple times during the stream that they may appear a tad nervous, but their passion for the project knows no bounds. Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary experience as we delve into the world of Regnas. BLUE PROTOCOL, Developed by the esteemed studios of Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios, this captivating online action RPG is set to take the gaming world by storm. Initially launching on PC, it is scheduled to grace the realms of PS5 and XBOX X|S series as well.

So, without further ado, let us continue with the contents of today’s stream.


Release Date for Japan

After 4 long years of covering the happenings of Blue Protocol, the game set to make its debut on June 14th, 2023 for the PC version in Japan.

As the release date draws near, the excitement among fans is palpable, causing a mix of nervousness and adrenaline. The official website will provide updates regarding the exact time when the service will commence.

During the game’s launch, the “Magnus Store”, which serves as the cash shop, will undergo maintenance. It is expected to open approximately three hours after the service begins, following confirmation of a stable launch. However, it’s important to note that these timings are subject to change based on circumstances. Rest assured, all other aspects of the game will be available immediately upon launch.

As the launch date approaches, players will have the opportunity to pre-download the game from the website approximately one week in advance. It is crucial to uninstall any incompatible versions, such as NT and others, to ensure a smooth gaming experience, as requested by the developers.

Level Cap & Launch Content

Blue Protocol will unveil its immersive story, initially releasing the first three (3) Story Chapters of the campaign.

Players will have the opportunity to progress their characters up to a level cap of 50, enabling them to fully explore the game’s vast world. As previously revealed, the game will release with the five known classes; Blade Warden, Keen Strider, Spell Weaver, Twin Striker, and the Foe Breaker.

Additionally, players can expect to encounter all the content that was available during the Network Test, ensuring a rich and diverse gaming experience. As the developers have hinted, there will be even more exciting content awaiting players beyond what was showcased in the test phase.

Japanese Launch Campaigns

Following the conclusion of the stream, Blue Protocol has announced three exciting pre-registration campaigns.

1: Pre-Register for Outfit & Dyes!

The 1st campaign offers pre-registered players the opportunity to choose between purple, sky blue, and green dye item boxes. These boxes contain enough dye to change every part of an outfit. Players have ample time to create an account and pre-register until the game’s launch.

Feste Echo Demonstration

2: Twitter Retweet Goal

The 2nd campaign is a Twitter follow and retweet campaign. If the designated tweet reaches 10,000 retweets, every player logging into the game will receive the powerful Battle Echo called “Feste Alpha.” Feste Alpha, at level 10, hurls bottles at enemies, supporting attacks with stuns. This unique Echo is particularly potent in the early stages of the game, especially for classes lacking stun skills. Her ability animations can be turned off for those who prefer. Moreover, the campaign also includes a lottery where participants have a chance to win three (3) gaming PCs and 50 winners tickets, worth 10,000 yen each.

3: Twitter Hashtag Lottery

The 3rd campaign revolves around a Twitter hashtag. By using the specified hashtag along with a mention of the official account, players enter a lottery with the opportunity to win one of 500 Amazon gift cards worth 1,000 yen each. It’s important to note that these campaigns are exclusive to the Japanese region.

Post Network-Test Balance

Now, let’s briefly touch on some post-Network Test changes. The team has implemented several fixes and rebalancing adjustments, as discussed in the previous #6.3 Developer Livestream.

In a live demonstration, it is shown that players HP now slowly regenerates while outside of battle, with an increased rate when sitting!

The Adventure Board features nodes that need to be completed in order, indicated by lines between them, while all other nodes remain active at all times. Although more tasks can be undertaken simultaneously, they are not yet displayed in the HUD due to ongoing development work.

The recent changes made, involves reducing the number of “mandatory” quests that need to be completed before unlocking the final rewards or quests. Previously, there were a larger number of quests connected in a sequence, and players were required to complete all of them before accessing the last quest.

Regarding rebalancing, players will notice a significant decrease in cooldown times. Spell Weavers now consume less EP (MANA) for using skills, allowing for a greater number of spells to be used even during the bonus time when EP regeneration is boosted. The addition of the “Concentrate” (MANA regeneration) ability almost makes EP consumption infinite, but it comes with the drawback of drawing a substantial amount of aggro, requiring careful management of your damage output.

Twin Strikers and Spell Weavers have received significant damage boosts, along with a general increase in attack damage. There are additional rebalancing changes that could not be showcased in the live demo, such as increased drop rates and other adjustments that were not mentioned in the previous stream.

Japanese Roadmap Explained

Regarding the update cycle, the Blue Protocol team plans to provide more detailed information in Update Roadmap #2. However, they shared some important aspects during the stream. After the game launches, the roadmap will be regularly updated to keep players informed. Blue Protocol is expected to have monthly updates, ensuring a continuous stream of new content, improvements, and features for players to enjoy.

4 Months Cycle
Update Contents
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  • The story of Blue Protocol is divided into chapters.
  • Every four months, a new chapter will be released as an update.
  • The update cycle follows the pattern of Mission – Content – Mission – Story.


“Mission” refers to games or instances, with variations introduced.

“Content” includes new minigames, rules, and potentially new classes.

Note that not every update will feature completely new classes, but there will still be significant additions and improvements in terms of content and gameplay delivered at a healthy rate.

Here is a summary of the current (subject to change*) roadmap for Blue Protocol:

  • In October, Chapter 4 will be released, along with a new map.
  • February will bring Chapter 5 and another new map.
  • Further details about “Others A” will be provided in Roadmap 2.


It’s important to note that not every update will introduce a new class. The new content could consist of minigames, rule additions, or even new classes. While the roadmap timeline is subject to change, the team aims to deliver the above content as planned.

Blue Protocol Communication #8

In the upcoming stream, Blue Protocol will give an update on Roadmap #2, discussing upcoming events and campaigns, and showcasing items for sale. Additionally, the stream will introduce “Score Attack”, a content feature that has been mentioned but not yet revealed.

The content for this stream has been finalized. Looking ahead, the next stream, Developer Livestream #8, is scheduled to take place one week prior to the game’s launch.

Post Launch Communication Streams

Following the game’s launch, Blue Protocol plans to hold Developer Livestream #9 and onwards on a monthly basis. These livestreams will serve as regular updates for the community. There will be irregular streams, such as Decimal point streams, which will be conducted sporadically. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for upcoming streams to receive further updates and information about Blue Protocol.

Global Release Date Change

During the stream, it was mentioned that Amazon would provide more detailed information separately about the Global version of Blue Protocol. The developers again expressed their nervousness and concern, but they were grateful for the support and feedback received from players and the community.

Despite facing challenges and difficulties, they expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in the development process and the players who have stayed with them. Their goal is to create a world that can be explored together, uniting both the development team and the players around the world.

The release date of the Global version of Blue Protocol will be shifted to 2024. However, the Closed Beta Test is still slated for 2023. Please look out for potential announcements from Amazon Games at Summer Games Fest, on June 8th, 2023.


In conclusion, the next Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #8.0 is tentatively scheduled one (1) week prior to the release of the Japanese version on June 14th, 2023.

Thank you very much for reading this English translated article of the Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #7.0, and to everyone who watched live on our new Twitch channel! (twitch.tv/BlueProtocolDB)- please be sure to join our Discord, and support us on our socials using the buttons below, for the latest information on Blue Protocol.



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