Blue Protocol Database Community CBT Key Giveaways!

The Blue Protocol Database staff have begun the giveaways for CBT friend codes donated by generous community members!

Do you want to explore the vibrant cell-shaded world of Blue Protocol? Were you life’s hopes and dreams utterly crushed by the simple sight of your CBT badge not turning red? Never fear for the CBT friend code giveaway is here! In order to join this second chance at fulfillment you must join the Blue Protocol Database community Discord where announcements of when the next giveaway will begin will be listed. Join the BPDB Discord by clicking on the banner below!

There is no entry fee or compensation that one must give to get into the giveaway nor will any sort of donation or compensation to the website or staff improve your odds in winning CBT access. Take a look at some of our lucky winners so far!

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2 years ago

Nice looking forward to testing if i win

2 years ago

I’m unable to join the discord. it just links me to discord itself and not the actual server 🙁

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