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Blue Protocol Feedback Response

Given the importance of that article, we decided to post it quickly. We will correct any errors throughout the day. As always, we will try now to translate and summarize the important changes mentioned in the article.

Hello Blue Protocol Database Community!

According to this article on the official Blue Protocol website, a lot of changes were made based on the feedback of the alpha testers.
As always, we will try now to translate and summarize the important part of that article.

Party vs. Party Concept

  • This describes the Player Party vs. the AI Monster Party. Initially, a few months back the development team did a presentation on Artificial Intelligence being implemented in the game. This is the concept of monsters teaming up together and assigning themselves trinity roles such as Tank, Healer and DPS to make the confrontation between players and monsters more challenging. This feature will now finally be partially available in the upcoming Closed Beta Test. You can encounter these type of battles in some dungeons and event areas during the Closed Beta Test. The concept will be further optimized and added in the future to more of the game.

Character Creation

  • Additional character customization options were added, which includes new hairstyles, makeup, scars, moles and more. The characters body can also be customized more in-depth than in the CAT (Closed Alpha Test). Bandai promised to add even more customization options in the future.


  • From now on the monsters will react to the hits and skills a player uses. This will make your skills look more impactful.
  • To improve the cooperative aspect of the game, they enhanced the specific role of each of the classes by re-adjusting the heal related skills of each class and added additional attributes to their skills. Attributes can interact with each other in a certain way, which will further enhance the concept of cooperative game play.
  • Auto Attacks won’t require to smash your mouse buttons repeatedly. You can turn on the “hold to auto attack”option in the settings.
  • The flashy effects of the class skills can be adjusted or turned off in the options.
  • Climbing and dashing animations were reworked.
  • From now on, once you start to sprint your character will auto sheathe the weapon.
  • The I-Frame (Invincibility Frame) duration on dodge skills were increased. In addition, you can further enhance the dodge distance by using skill modifications.
    The crosshair and character position were readjusted and once the weapons is sheathed, the crosshair will disappear.
  • In party play, it should be easier now to see the target of the enemy.

Enemy Related

  • Monster movements are easier to predict now.
  • Monsters will not drop any weapons. However, they can drop rare materials, which can then be used to craft Imajinns or upgrade weapons.

Classes and Skills

  • You can change the focus of your class based on the skills you choose. Pick the best skill modifications and Imajinns which suit your needs.
  • Class roles and skills were adjusted. New skills were added.
  • A “Skill Board” system was added. You can spend the skill points you earn by leveling up your class on the skill board. There are 2 different type of skill points you can get. One type can be only used for a specific class, the other one can be spend on all 4 class related skills/perks.
  • Additional modifiable stats like “Damage reduction to a certain element or type of attack” and “reducing/increasing abnormal status effect duration” were added.
  • Once you enter some dungeons, you will automatically receive some consumables for free. They can assigned to the consumable slots. Those consumables can be only used in that dungeon and will disappear once you clear the dungeon.
  • Increased the drop rate of healing potions in the open world.
  • Class related quests were added to make class swaps and leveling up a second class much easier.

Field Related

  • Aggro range of the monsters in the open world was adjusted.
  • Aggro range will get reduced if you are higher level than the monster.
  • Fall damage was added.
  • Teleport stones were added to specific areas. In combination with the mount Imajinns, we should be able to shorten the duration of travel between places.
  • No need to hold or long press “F” key to gather resources anymore. You can also reduce the gathering time by using the liquid memory buff which alludes to the Memory Stand by the beach in Asterleeds. It’s an area where you can receive special buffs.

SE (Sound Effects) and BGM (Background Music)

  • BGM, attack, and skill sounds were slightly adjusted and will be further improved in the future.

Dungeon Matchmaking

  • The average clear time Bandai Namco has in mind for the normal dungeons is around 10-15 minutes. However, the clear time might increase depending on the difficulty you choose for the dungeon.
  • Customized matchmaking is available now. You can search for players or parties, who fulfill certain conditions for the content you intend to do. Can also be referenced as a party maker tool.
  • Higher level players, who enter a lower level dungeon will be down scaled to match the difficulty of the dungeon.
  • Dungeon monsters will now scale properly depending on the player party size.
  • Matchmaking search won’t be interrupted, if someone doesn’t accept the matchmaking popup.
  • After clearing a dungeon, you will be teleported back to the last town you visited. Exceptions are the main scenario dungeons.
  • You will respawn at the closest respawn point if you logged out in the open world or any other random location.

Town Related

  • Once you enter a town, your HP bar will be hidden.
  • A new option was added to show/hide HUD, if you are out of combat.
  • A quantity slider was added to make selling higher quantity items easier.
  • Expressions were added to some NPCs to make the world of Regnus feel lively.

Quest and Map Related

  • Imajinn research institute was added. This is where you can craft Imajinns.
  • Emergency mission in the same zone will be displayed on the Minimap.
  • Channeling time to use the transfer portal was reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

Channel and Zone Related

  • If you enter a zone, the chance of joining the same channel as your party members, will be increased. However, depending on the change in the number of people in the channel and the timing of the movement, the situation where the party member moves to another channel may occur. In this case you can use the teleport function to go to your party leaders channel.
  • There is currently no plan to support the movement of channels in Blue Protocol. This is due to the way that the mega-server handles players and mobs. They want to limit people from having to shuffle channels when the mega-server can handle that function instead.
  • A big request that was wanted was for map/zone names to be displayed as you enter the zone. This feature will not be available for the Closed Beta Test. The team will examine this for the future.

Costume Related

  • Some accessories were added. More accessories will be added in the future.
  • Lingerie which were tied to costumes were removed. In the future lingerie will be a separate costume category.
  • Function to preview clothes is not yet implemented for the Closed Beta Test. They will look into it for the future.
  • Costume will not have stats.

UI Related

  • The black bar on the bottom of the screen got removed.

Chat Stamp Emotes

  • Macros and shortcut triggers were added. Customizable chat responses were added. You can trigger a key which has a default response.
  • The stamps size in the chat were reduced.
  • Chat stamp spam protection was added.

Crafting Related

  • Consumables & materials will be stored in a different bag than Equipment & Costumes.
  • Identified and unidentified statuses were added to materials. But once you enter a town, the items will be automatically identified and moved to your storage.
  • Materials in storage can be used to craft items.
  • Items bought from NPC’s will be placed in the bag.
  • A cooldown time was added to the use of healing potions.

Camera Related

  • By using the “Insert” key, you can take screenshots. Your screenshots will be saved in the following destination:

C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\BlueProtocol\Screenshots

Operability Related

  • Situations in which pressing and holding the “F” key was required, were reduced.
  • You can now rotate the camera without interrupting the “auto run”.
  • Targeting other players in town or field to interact with them, was made easier.

Gamepad Related

  • Gamepad support and operation methods were improved. They will be further optimized in the future.

Other Changes

  • Tutorials were added.
  • Added a “low quality” preset in the graphic settings.

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