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Blue Protocol: Taiwan after Japan

Greetings, adventurers!
The video below is the official announcement regarding the cooperation between Bandai Namco and Cayenne Tech to release Blue Protocol for the regions Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

We are aware that most of you were waiting for a Japanese or global release news, but don’t worry! The silence is now broken and we know that the Blue Protocol team is already working on expanding to other regions, even before the full release in Japan. This is a good sign for us who are hoping for them to release it for EU/NA as soon as possible. Based on what we heard and know so far, the next region which might get Blue Protocol after Taiwan will likely be Korea. Let’s hope that they will release Blue Protocol to the other asian regions without much delay after the Japanese release so that they can focus on expanding to EU and NA. Stay tuned for more interesting news in the future!

Hello, fans of the game in Taiwan! I am the chief producer of "BLUEPROTOCOL", Shimooka We are working together with Cayenne Tech in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau We are running the first PC version of "BLUEPROTOCOL" together Cayenne Tech has experience in operating game such as "Gundam" and "Digimon" They have many years of experience working with Bandai Namco Group, and are a very reliable partner I am very pleased to be able to hook through Cayenne Tech to present "BLUEPROTOCOL" for everyone! Please stay informed about the latest news from "BLUEPROTOCOL"


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