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Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #1

Hello and welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is my pleasure to introduce you all to the newest regular addition to the Blue Protocol Database: Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap. As the name suggests every week the fans of Blue Protocol can look forward to a summary of some of the most important additions and changes to Blue Protocol made within the last week, as well as new information released by the developers of Protocol, and information regarding the official Blue Protocol Database Discord server.

With that out of the way, let us start with the most important game related information for this week:


Closed Beta Test

  • CBT (Closed Beta Test) applications were made available on February 12th, 2020 and will close on March 2nd, 2020. To apply for the CBT you will require a Bandai Namco ID – if you have not created a Bandai Namco ID, then you can find a detailed guide here.
    NOTE: You will need to apply with a Japanese Bandai Namco ID.

Developer Livestream

  • On the 13th of February there was a one hour and twenty minutes long developer livestream that we covered in our Livestream Summary #1. This live stream covered some of the Blue Protocol’s key features such as character creation, Blue Protocol lore, as well as a sneak peek at the opening story quest introducing the character Feste! Even if you do not understand Japanese, the pure enthusiasm from the developers – as well as smooth gameplay – makes watching the official livestream footage worthwhile.
    • The next developer live stream will be on February 20th on the official Blue Protocol YouTube channel.
    • Join the Blue Protocol Database community Discord server for a live translation of future Blue Protocol developer streams in the #live-translation channel by our Japanese to English translators!

Developer Response to Closed Alpha Feedback

  • Many issues that players had within the Blue Protocol CAT (Closed Alpha Test) were addressed and should be fixed by the start of the upcoming CBT. The developers have been extremely responsive towards the Blue Protocol community. The Blue Protocol Database team as well as the Blue Protocol Database community offer our sincere gratitude towards the developers for their openness to feedback! You can find a full list of changes in our Blue Protocol Feedback Response article. Here’s a small preview of the many changes the developers have made in response to CAT player feedback:
    • Aggro range of monsters has been altered. One of the complaints that many CAT players had was that players would constantly draw aggro of monsters in the field from great distances away. This issue should now be resolved.
    • The developers have been working on an advance form of Party AI for monsters. This means that groups of monsters will have dedicated roles such as a tank, support, and damage dealers. The main goal of Blue Protocol, according to the developers, is that combat should be focused on player parties versus monster parties.
    • As much as we love the large explosions, swirling auras, and pulsing beams of light some players were experiencing performance loss as well as a general sense of disorientation due to the amount of effects on the screen at once. The developers have been working towards ways to control the variety of effects a player sees at once. In the CAT players had the option to turn off effect entirely or keep all effects on, the new options should allow finer control over the effects. It is likely that these options will be present in the upcoming CBT.

That’s a lot of changes and information! The Blue Protocol developers have been releasing new information through Twitter and YouTube constantly in the past week, they are definitely not slacking off. Now that we have gone over the information and changes relating to Blue Protocol, we’ll next take a look at some of the Blue Protocol Database changes and community updates!


  • We’re excited to announce that the Blue Protocol Database has added the full Blue Protocol OST (Original Sound Track).
  • The Blue Protocol Database community Discord server is proud to announce the creation of the Content Creator role. We invite all Content Creators who have been and will continue to focus on Blue Protocol to join our Discord and apply for the Content Creator role. More features for content creators have been planned for the future.
  • Additionally, we are now hosting our first community contest! That’s right, first, there will be more to come in the future utilizing different skill sets, so if this isn’t the contest for you – no need to worry! This contest will be a fan art contest. You need to design an image by drawing or otherwise creating a graphic that has to do with Blue Protocol. You may submit up to two images to the #fan-art channel of the Blue Protocol Discord. Those who are not submitting images may cast up to three votes for their favorite pieces of art. So what’s the prize? Thanks to our partnership with ExitLag the winner of the contest will receive a thirty day ExitLag VPN key. Those who placed within the top five as well as a random spectator to the contest who has cast their votes will be chosen to receive prizes as well. To read more go to the Community Contest #1 article!

Last, but certainly not least, the Blue Protocol Database team would like take a moment to express our thanks to all of those who have shown support through monetary donations to the website as well as the constant moral support from those within our community and those outside of it! Thank you!

With that we conclude the first Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap. Thank you all for reading and if you want to stay up to date with instant coverage of Blue Protocol, or if you want to find a warm community of Blue Protocol fans, then join our Discord server by clicking the banner below. 

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