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Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #2

Welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is time for our Weekly Recap where we will summarize all of the major game and community related news and information of the past week. In this Weekly Recap we will also have a written opinion by one of the Blue Protocol Database team members regarding Blue Protocol.

Without further delay, lets start with this week’s recap!

Dev Livestream 20.02.2020 (Blue Pro News #2)

This week’s Developer Livestream was focused on the new skill system, new skills, and new class mechanics added that were added to all 4 classes.
At the end of the stream many important questions that were asked by the community were answered. One of the questions involved the payment model of Blue Protocol and the response is that Blue Protocol will be Free to Play with a season pass system.

If you want to read about all the other questions which were answered during the Dev stream, check out here.
The skill system is explained in more details here.

Reached 3000 members milestone in Discord 22.02.2020

The Blue Protocol Database community Discord server has reached the 3,000 members milestone in Discord on 22.02.2020!
We want to thank the community, the moderator team, Database editors, and everyone who supported us in the past few months!
We will continue to do our best to work with everyone together to make the game and this community the best possible one.
In the future we will add more awesome features to the website including, spoiler alert, a feature to add guides to the website as
a normal community member!

Community Fan Art Contest 16.02 – 23.02.2020

After one week, the “fan-art” channel in our discord was filled with beautiful drawings and images. The very talented Milka received the most votes and won the main prize. Natsume Rin was selected randomly from the pool of people who voted for fan art and won a 7 days VPN key. Congratulations!

All the beautiful artworks are also displayed here From now on everyone can submit fan arts in the discord channel and those will be added to the website. We’ll have more contests utilizing all sorts of skills, so stay tuned!

Database team member about the topic: “PvP in Blue Protocol”

As most of you know, Blue Protocol is a PvE focused game. From day one it was clear that the developers had a clear vision/goal for Blue Protocol. This was a rarity in the past few years as most of the MMORPGS that were released in EU/NA in the past few years were trying to satisfy all the different types of gamers (PvE and PvP oriented players). This often lead to a “souless” game without a clear path. In the end, they all got boring too fast and there was nothing more than a grindfest endgame to satisfy players. There will most likely be some kind of Arena PvP implemented into Blue Protocol in the future, but I am pretty sure that it will not be as balanced as people would expect. I saw in the past few weeks people(especially EU/NA gamers) complaining about lack of PvP content and demanding or expecting that Bandai Namco to add more PvP to Blue Protocol. To all the gamers out there:

Everyone has a different preference and focus. Some gamers like PvE and others like PvP. There are so many games out there and each with their own focus. Research before you get hyped about a game and check first if the focus of the game matches your preference! It was never a good idea to force the develepors to change the focus of the game. Joining a PvP focused game and then demanding there be a shift in the focus of the game to PvE is equally as bad as joining a PvE focused game and demanding more PvP.

To sum it up: A game with a clear focus can achieve far greater heights than a scattered game without a clear purpose.

– Perciculum

With that we conclude the second Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap. Thank you all for reading and if you want to stay up to date with instant coverage of Blue Protocol, or if you want to find a warm community of Blue Protocol fans, then join our Discord server by clicking the banner below. 

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