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Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #3

Hello and welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is time for our third Weekly Recap where we will summarize and highlight all of the major game and community related news and information of the past week.


Closed Beta Test

This week marked the end of the Closed Beta Test (CBT) registration phase. The dates of the CBT and when emails will be sent from BANDAI NAMCO to notify those who were lucky enough to be selected is still unknown. However, we can assume that emails will be sent by late March. Good luck to everyone who applied and join the Blue Protocol Database Discord server in order to participate in giveaways involving any spare CBT keys that we happen to obtain through donations. You can join the Discord by clicking the banner below this article.

Developer Livestream #3

The final Blue Protocol developer livestream before the CBT aired this past week and with it we were shown the Arena. You can read our full coverage of the livestream here including a Q&A. I will list some key points about the Arena below:

  • The Blue Protocol Developers use “PvP” as an acronym for “Party versus Party” and not “Player versus Player”. This means that our earlier information that hinted at a Player versus Player Arena was wrong.
  • The Arena will be a PvE survival type game mode where parties of players square off against parties of monsters.
  • The Arena scales in difficulty depending on the size of the player party.


Website & Discord Utilities

The Blue Protocol Database team has started the preliminary groundwork on the creation of utilities for the Blue Protocol Database community Discord server as well as the Blue Protocol Database website. While I cannot go into too much detail as of yet, these are the projects we are working on:

  • Character skill builder (Website)
  • In-game item database (Website)
  • Custom Discord bot (Discord)

These programs are written from the ground up by some of our volunteer staff. We expect that we will make greater progress on the creation of these utilities once the CBT has ended.

That’s it for this week’s Weekly News Recap! Keep up-to-date with the latest news on Blue Protocol and the Blue Protocol community by clicking the banner below!

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