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Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #4

Greetings and welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database ! It is time for our fourth Weekly Recap where we will summarize the news of the past few days and weeks.

Closed Beta Test delayed – 05.03.2020

Because of the Coronavirus, the CBT got delayed and will most likely start mid April. Please consider that future delays are possible depending on the state of the Coronavirus. We hope that you guys and your loved ones are safe and healthy. To avoid spreading the virus, try to stay at home as much as possible, wash your hands, don’t hug people… You surely know the drill by now.

Fan Kit – 12.03.2020

A fan kit was uploaded on the official Blue Protocol Website which includes BP related logos, screenshots and emojis. You can download it on the following link : Click here

New Monster/CBT Information – 14.03.2020

A new monster has been teased with the image below. Also, more information regarding CBT will be given around end of March.

NPC Shops/Ownership Functionality ? – 16.03.2020

As you can see on the given image, NPC shops have been teased. Could an Ownership Functionality of the shops be possible ? What do you think guys ? Feel free to give us your thoughts about it !

New Battle Imajinn – 18.03.2020

As shown on the image, we can see a new Battle Imajinn similar to the Boss Imajin from the first dungeon, but with a different skill.

Aegis Fighter and Twin Striker’s Reworked Skills – 20.03.2020

Aegis Fighter wannabes, I demand you to raise your swords and shields ! An amazing video with new reworked skills of your class which were not shown during the Dev Stream has been released !

Twin Striker fanatics, you too will have the satisfaction to praise your beloved class after watching the following video of its reworked skills !

That’s it for this week’s Weekly News Recap! Keep up-to-date with the latest news on Blue Protocol and the Blue Protocol community by clicking the banner below!

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