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Blue Protocol Weekly Recap #7

Greetings Blue Protocol community, and welcome back to the Database! It’s that time again—the seventh Weekly Recap is here to give you a quick summary of the major game and community related news and information since our last Recap. I’m Spirin, and I’ll be your host for this recap! We have three topics that we’ll briefly discuss, and they are the:

  • Zoom Conference with Developers
  • Previous CBT/Stress Test Results
  • T-shirt Winners from CBT Participation and from Twitter Campaign
  • New Zone Teaser Tweet

Zoom Conference with Developers

This Zoom meeting was directed more towards hiring new personnel rather than providing information, but we did glean some things from it. Though we don’t know exactly how many people are working on the game, they did tell us that the number is well into the triple-digits. Additionally, since Spring of this year, the whole company has been working from home. Not to worry though, they say that this isn’t affecting their development process at all. We’re glad the team is taking steps to prioritize their health in these difficult times! 

They’re currently looking for game designers, localization directors, and game-AI engineers. We’re excited to see the support and development of the game speeding up as it gets closer and closer to launch!

Moving on to the game itself, it was restated at this conference that Blue Protocol is NOT an MMO or an MO: it is an online action RPG. Thus, we should not expect it to have the typical elements of an MMO. Their goal is for it to look “like an anime movie realized in-game.” They also stated that it’s difficult to discuss new content, since everything is still in development and subject to change. However, they are continuing to work hard and are doing their best to adjust for the players’ tastes as best they can.

And that’s it from the conference! There wasn’t too much to learn, but it’s exciting to see that they are full steam ahead and hard at work on the game. We’ll be sure to keep the Blue Protocol Database community informed of any new information and updates that we receive!

Previous CBT/Stress Test Results

The Blue Protocol operating team offers their sincere thanks to all that participated in the November 7th, 2020 Matchmaking Stress Test. In this quick summary of the results, all of the information and quotes were taken from their performance report found here.

There was a slight problem with many people being disconnected from the game server, so they decided to conduct maintenance in order to discern and fix this problem. After trying various fixes, they found that the issue was “caused by a faulty configuration of the Loading Balancer, which carries the role of reducing the workload stress, like splitting the accesses onto multiple servers.” They stated, “We hereby apologize for the inconvenience and worries from the disconnections from the server, as well as the performance of a maintenance, and the change of the testing time, we have brought upon you.”

On a positive note, with everyone’s help, they were able to achieve “a 5-fold stress concentration at certain missions compared to the CBT.” Despite this, not a single failure or crash occurred! In addition, matching times were reduced from 20-60 seconds to only about 15 seconds. These positive results will be applied to the currently developed version.

The team is also currently working on two major changes to the matchmaking system. The first is that when you press “Enter” on a matchmaking session, instead of waiting for everyone to press “Enter” before entering the match, you will instead be taken directly to the match and then wait for a period of time for everyone else to join and the match to start.

Secondly, as far as we understand it, if someone in your current match leaves part way through for any reason, another player will be recruited through the matchmaking system to take his/her place.

The Blue Protocol developers are aware of the errors some players may have received that disconnected them from the game and some may have seen when cancelling under certain conditions. The causes of these have been identified and are being fixed.

Their parting words are, “We truly appreciate the numerous participation and warm words of encouragement during the short operating time. We will continue to develop it to meet everyone’s expectations, so

we look forward to your continued support of ‘BLUE PROTOCOL’.”

T-shirt Winners from CBT Participation and from Twitter Campaign

There were two official T-shirt giveaways held last month. To be eligible for the first, you had to have participated in the aforementioned November 7th Matchmaking Stress Load Test and entered into at least one match. One hundred winners were randomly selected by their Bandai Namco ID and have been notified.

For the second giveaway, ten winners were randomly chosen from those that retweeted the target tweet from Blue Protocol’s official Twitter account (@BLUEPROTOCOL_JP).

If you’re curious, here is the picture that was provided of the T-shirts given by Bandai Namco!

New Zone – Salamzart Oasis

Just today, the company teased two pictures on Twitter of a brand new mob and some scenery that will be coming out in Salamzart Oasis! The mob is still unnamed, but it looks to be some sort of sand worm/snake. They also showed us a picture of the vast desert environment you will see when coming out from the base in Salamzart Oasis. Here are the pictures so you can see for yourself! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any more information that we receive.

Content Creator Shoutout – Cryy

Before we leave, a big thank you to Cryy, an awesome youtuber who mentioned us several times in these videos. If you’re interested in MMORPG, RPG, game-video news, we invite you to check out his channel.

There you have it! That’s all of the news that we have to share so far. With that we conclude the seventh Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap. Thank you all for reading and if you want to stay up-to-date with instant coverage of Blue Protocol, or if you want to find a warm community of Blue Protocol fans, then join our Discord server by clicking the banner below!

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