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Closed Beta Test Results Revealed!

As of March 30th, 2020 the results for those who have won access to the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Blue Protocol has been revealed! Everyone who has won a CBT key has received an email stating as such. You can also verify your account status by logging into the official Blue Protocol website; if the CBT badge at the top right of the web page is red, then you have been accepted! However, if your CBT badge is anything other than red, then you have not been accepted.

For all of you who did not win access to the CBT can try again by entering the Blue Protocol Database Community giveaways and contests! The first Community giveaway will be held in a few hours. Use the banner below this article to join the Discord.

In addition to winning access to the CBT, winners have also received the ability to use their friend code to invite someone else into the CBT with them! The details are below.

  • Copy the code displayed and give it to your friend!

Important: you need to have your region on your account set as “Japan” to accept the code!!

  • Enter the code and click on “submit”.

That’s it for this article! You can join our Discord Community by clicking the banner below. We hold contests and giveaways with prizes including CBT keys donated by generous community members. From the Database staff to you, stay safe and look out for more Blue Protocol information!

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