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Livestream Summary #3

Welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! Several hours ago the developers of Blue Protocol held their third and last YouTube livestream. That means we here at the Database are bringing you the highlights of the stream and primarily focusing on new information. Without further delay, lets get into it.


The deadline for the CBT is fast approaching. The developers want you to hurry up and apply! Though the CBT is still only open to residents of Japan. Lucky for you we’ve got your back! Check out our guides on how to apply to the CBT as well as how to create a Japanese BANDAI NAMCO ID.


Dragon’s Claw Dungeon Preview

We start this livestream summary with a quick presentation of the new dungeon available during the closed beta: Dragon’s Claw. From what we can see, the monsters start with at a low level and continue to level up to exceed that of the group as the group progresses through the dungeon.
Beginning of the dungeon [16:53] – End of the Dungeon [28:26]

Monster Level at the beginning of the dungeon : 9
Team Level : 20
Monster Level before the death of the team : 34

Arena Preview (Party VS Party)

A new concept put forward by the developers is the Arena mode (previously hinted at as PvP, which means “party versus party” and not “player versus player” as we had originally thought). The arena is a PvE mode where waves of monsters appear and you must kill them all before the time runs out to win. This mode requires a large group with organization to successfully manage the waves of monsters. Since the developers were only 3 in the group, the Arena was quite simple. However, the larger the group that you bring into the Arena, the more difficult the Arena will be.

When you finish the Arena you will receive GC Currency, L Currency, and Experience.

Livestream Q&A

  • Q: What is the main controllers scheme?
    R: Since it’s a PC Game, mouse and keyboard is the original input but you can play with a gamepad.
  • Q: How many accessories are there?
    R: There is one section actually (Animal ears) but the developers are planning on adding 7 differents accessory slots.
  • Q: Can you play the story for free and single player?
    R: You will be able to change your character while playing through it. The main story is free.
  • Q: About Party VS Party System
    R: the Party VS Party system is accessible to all players and also to players who have a great experience in BP. You can either go there with your already predefined group or search for a group. The difficulty depends on your group, there is a big difference between a level 20 and level 30 group. If you are at a higher level, you can easily take monsters all by yourself. Level sync? Don’t impact your stats.
  • Q: Do enemies have elemental weaknesses? Is there damage up/down based on?
    R: Yes and also on your weapon. The elemental weakness is useful but no insanely overpowered.
  • Q: What are the looting and experience conditions?
    R: Basically, the looting system is individual. But each player can drop something different. As long a party does 1 damage to an enemy, you will get the loot. For the experience, as long as you damage an enemy, you will receive 100% of experience. In mission, everyone gets loots, but everyone personal loot depend on your class. In field (free exploration), if you do damage, you will get the loot. If one of your members damage an enemy, even if you didn’t, you will receive a loot. DOT Damage doesn’t count. For treasure chest, everyone can take it, there is no stealing system.
  • Q: How does the day/night cycle work?
    R: 48 minutes = 24 hours. (24 hours in game = 48 minutes in real life).
  • Q: Can you move character items?
    R: You can send letters (mail feature) with items but not for all.
  • Q: What is the death penalty? (if you die in dungeon)
    R: When you died, you respawn with half HP and slowness debuff.
  • Q: Is there any system to lock items to not accidently drop them?
    R: Not in CBT but we will add it as soon as possible.
  • Q: Are the food/drinks have character’s expressions?
    R: Not now, but in the future.
  • Q: It is possible to duo dungeons/raids and clear?
    R: Maybe, it will be harder but it’s possible. You can enter to any dungeon without the max players.
  • Q: How far does the chat reach?
    R: There a different range, Local, Field, Private message, etc.
    Q: About Raids?
    R: We said 30 players for raid but we adjust to 20 players maximum. But it’s possible to revert depend on your feedback. There will be priority entry depend on your gear score. There will be Solo Ranking and Class Ranking with conditions. There will be different ways to raise that rank based on your classes.
  • Q: There is a screenshot system ?
    R: Not yet, but probably in the future.
  • Q: Is there a auto follow party members ?
    R: Yes.
  • Q: The friends list is character bound or account bound?
    R: The friendslist (followerlist) is character bound.
  • Q: What is done to prevent dying and respawning trollers in dungeons?
    R: You can block them and they won’t be able to talk to you and they won’t be seen on the party finder. In CBT, there is no way to kick/votekick but we will add it.
  • Q: Global Release ?
    R: The next CBT will only be for Japanese players but we’re still preparing something for global players. For the future, the game will be for global or only for certain regions. SO IT’S A BIG YES FOR GLOBAL RELEASE.
  • Q: Will the devs play the official release and the CBT ?
    R: Yes.
  • Q: How the Elemental effects work?
Special thanks to Natsume Rin for the translation.
  • Q: Please make the communication system more “free” without entering in talk mode.
    R: You can now talk while moving and interact with players with “F” key in talk mode.
  • Q: What about Time Attack Ranking?
    R: The ranks are on the official website but we will add as soon as possible in game too. It may change from CBT to the official release.
  • Q: Explanation about Quests system?
    R: We introduce Search/Find/Hidden Quests. So if you explore the game and interact with items and people, you will be able to find some hidden quests.
    Q: Talking about official Twitter.
    R: From now, we will retweet and share Blue Protocol related contents with the #ブルプロ and #blueprotocol.
    Q: Things we want to explain about CBT.
    R: We have an internal list of changes and fixes so it’s possible to get feedback that already fixed. Please tell us your feedback of good and bad things.

Thanks to Zakum and the whole team who did an excellent job.
As well as a shout out to all the Content Creators on YouTube and their personal websites that have used the Database as a source. You all have brought attention to our project, which has reinforced our resolve to continue. Thank you!

That’s it for this Livestream Summary and this is the last livestream before the CBT. If you would like to participate in the hype train then join our Discord by clicking on the banner below. You can find a fun community of international Blue Protocol fans to talk to in just a few clicks. The Blue Protocol Database also has a Reddit community.

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