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Livestream Translation and more !

Hello Blue Protocol Community, today we have some exciting news for you! Following up on our last article about the developer live stream, we have prepared an easier way to receive this information in correlation with streams:

For those who may have missed previous streams or are newer members: Currently we receive news on Blue Protocol in Japanese, straight from the developers in livestreams. It can be difficult to follow this information in real time if you do not know Japanese, but we work to have this translated during the stream with people like YMEGU – the newest addition to our team.


Click on the image to access the Twitch page

To further help us with this, we have created a Twitch channel that will serve as our base when translating livestreams. From there, you will be able to chat with others and receive translations for new game information, Q&A’s, and more. Give us a follow to be notified when we go live! The most important information will be translated first, followed by notes summarizing the rest following each stream.

Important information* : If you’re fluent in both English and Japanese, and would like to assist in future stream translations – please message Lexo or Perciculum for more details. Thank you everyone, we hope you continue to support Blue Protocol and this community

It’s already the end of this little article, I hope you enjoy and we will continue to support the game and the community every day.

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