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New information, Closed Beta and more

The information about the development of Blue Protocol is finally out, but before that, let’s see the second trailer of the game.


Summary of Blue Protocol Development News

  • You can apply for the next Closed Beta Test starting from February 12th, 2020 until March 2nd, 2020.
  • The application deadline is March 2nd, 2020 11:00 JST in Japan.
  • The test will begin in the middle or end of March. Possibly between the dates of March 21st, 2020 and March 30th, 2020. (Japanese Date/Time)
  • 50,000 players will be chosen. If over that amount, it will be a lottery based system.
  • There will be (4) Days of Closed Beta.
  • There is a possibility that the Closed Beta Test will not be IP Blocked and will therefore not require a VPN. (Stay tuned for updates from us in regards to this subject.)
  • There will be no NDA.

Other information we acquired during the Video Premiere:

  • New Story Trailer was shown including new story related NPCs.
  • A new category of Souls/Imajinn were shown: “Mount Imajinn/Souls”.
  • New cosmetics and accessories were added (eg.: rabbit ears).
  • The official website will be updated soon with the new information.
  • They will soon do a YouTube live stream for further information.

Character Story

Meet some of the characters in the world.

You are the main character of this story. You are the avatar which drives this story. Adventure the world in search of lost memories and confront a magnificent destiny.

She is demi-human girl and acts with the protagonist of the story (you!). Her personality is shrewd and at the mercy of other people. She acts rather skillfully. Her nickname in short is the “Rascal”.

Jake is a famous adventurer in Astel Leeds. He calls himself “Top of the top”. The ability of his skills are strong, but his behavior is frivolous.

You can meet her wherever you go. She stands quietly and tries not to talk much. But she will try to help you. It seems she also has a relationship to the Bafaria religion.

A mysterious woman who appears at the “kamigakari no mihasira”. Also known as the Divine Sacred Pillar. She comes from the beyond future to undertake a big mission. And the future which she tells is.

Tyris is Aerinse’s bodyguard. She prioritizes “what to do” or in short what must be done. She is willing to decide between the most ruthless choices which are sometimes the hardest.

Character Creation

Improvement of the character creation, addition of new cosmetics and accessories.


Addition of mounts. The mount will be a new type of Imajinn.

Players VS Players

Screenshots of the Battle Arena. Here you will be able to engage in combat with other players.

And Finally, Closed Beta confirmed !

Closed Beta Test Information
Starting Admission 2/12/2020 (Japanese Date/Time)
Number of people admitted: 50,000
The test will take place sometime in the middle of March. Possibly between March 21, 2020 and March 30, 2020. (Japanese Date/Time) It will last (4) days.

The test will include Saturday and the gameplay will be about 75 hours long. More exact information will be given out later. These news are subject to sudden changes. If more than 50,000 people sign up for beta access, it will become a lottery.

Thanks to YMEGU from the Blue Protocol Discord for translation.

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