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October Developer Livestream Information

Greetings, adventurers! The Blue Protocol Database is here to showcase the exciting information which was presented to us from the developer livestream. This will contain information relevant to their progress in development with the game Therefore, please take note that it won’t include any information in regards to the Closed Beta Test which was already previously available.

For more general information about the Closed Beta Test, please click the link below.

>> https://blue-protocol-db.com/2020/10/12/blue-protocol-new-closed-beta-test-and-developer-livestream/ <<

1. Salamzart Oasis (New Town)

In the stream, we were presented with a new area. This is known as the Salamzart Oasis which is a desert themed area.

The Salamzart Oasis will have NPCs and buildings which will heavily match the overall theme of the area. In particular, it was noted that the NPC clothing will definitely be in a similar style to the town.

Similar to Asterleeds, the Salamzart Oasis will have useful shops and NPCs that are readily available. A fun fact, a certain NPC also references the Salamzart Oasis in Asterleeds.

2. NPC Co-op

A new feature was presented where we could see a player doing a dungeon with the NPC named Jake. From what we know about Jake, he is an adventurer just like us. Except, he was known to be the self-proclaimed “top” adventurer in Regnus.

With this new information that was displayed, it’s plausible that we will have similar missions where we will fight side by side with other NPCs. They mentioned in particular that here will be more NPC’s available in the future.

Another important caveat is that you may have noticed that Jake uses a one-hand sword and a very unique fighting style.

Is this the teaser for a new possible class?

Fighting in a battle along with your friend, Jake. Co-op will be available in the future with new characters.

3. Character Creation

The character creation system received quite a bit of new features to make it feel more lively and added plenty of new things.

The beginning of the character creation segment displayed a shake feature which shows the physics of the character. In particular, your hair is able to move and your chest can shake.

In particular, there were various customization options related to the face structure which were added. The eyebrow type is changeable as well as the angle of the eyes. You also have options to choose between a simple eye color mode or an advanced eye color mode which goes into more detail. The advanced eye color mode allows you to pick a style similar to what anime characters have in design. All of these newly designed options work with odd eyes as well. This section is displayed in the images below.

Going forward, you are now able to adjust the lighting modes in character creation by changing it to morning, afternoon or the evening. This allows for you to see how your character looks in detail so that you can properly adjust the way your character feels during different times of the day. This function is also displayed in the image below. In the bottom right corner, you can select these options.

Towards the end of the character creation highlight, it was mentioned that color gradation for the hair will be a feature. However, this was already known from the information which they previewed on Twitter.

An image of the advanced eye color mode displayed. You can choose four colors for one eye which really showcases a popular anime design. It also displays this option with odd eyes.
An example of a male character with the night time option selected for the character lighting.
This image portrays a day time example of the character lighting available in the character creation.
Pictured here is the shake button for the physics. It will allow the hair and chest physics to move.

4. Spell Caster Changes

Towards the other half of the stream, the developers were able to present some of the Spell Caster changes.

Spell casters now have a knockback skill available which will be useful versus certain enemy types. This allows the class to be a bit more flexible by using crowd-control to protect itself.

Dodging was not stylish enough for Spell Casters. Now they will blink and warp away to destroy their enemies with style. Additionally, they will be able to attack while dodging.

For Spell Casters, it was mentioned that they created a more flexible system for choosing elements. Instead of just having one electric skill, you can pick multiple. There is more freedom available, overall. It was also noted that back in the Closed Beta depending on how long you charge certain abilities for Spell Caster, it can have an effect on your skills by increasing its intensity. In this version, it will depend on your skill level instead so it will no longer work the same way. Naturally, much of this is still subject to change in the future as these functions are in development.

An image of the Spell Caster using lightning abilities.

5. New Class

It was mentioned that the developers are also working hard on the other classes and adjusting them. Right after that moment, some important information slipped out!

They indicated they are working on a new class. It’s a very exciting class, so please look forward to it.

Additionally, when the game will be released, it will be released with (1) more class. This includes the one that they are currently working on. Things are definitely moving forward!

This concludes the information which was presented from the developer livestream on October 12, 2020.

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