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Presentation of the website

Now that the announcement of the re-opening of the Database has been made, let me introduce you to the new pages and features of the site.

For those who have not yet read the first article, I invite you to read it before reading it, you can access it by just clicking here – Article: Re-opening the Database



  • What is Blue Protocol

Presentation page of the game and its history to put you in context.

  • How to play

Page currently under construction that will be available when the game is opened and available to the public. We will put a detailed tutorial in order to play the game.

  • Questions

Page of the most frequently asked questions about the game. All answers may change over time, so stay up to date.


  • Classes

Presentation page of the different classes of the game in detail.

  • Souls

Explanation page of the two types of souls as well as their functions.

  • Interface & Social

Presentation page of the character interface and the group system.

  • Crafting & Gathering

Presentation page and explanation of the craft and gathering system.

  • Exploration

Presentation page of the Quest system, Dungeons, World Boss and Quick-Time Events.


Page currently under construction that will be used to publish customized guides by the editors and later by the community itself.


Page dedicated to the presentation of the staff and links to the site’s social networks: Discord & Reddit.


Page currently under construction that will be used to support us and to…. ?censored?

Each time a page is updated, an N icon will be added next to the menu, you will be informed of each new feature.

Profil System

With the arrival of the new version of the site, we have added an interface system to personalize your profile and much more.

Home : Write your biography so that everyone can see it.

Activity : Allows you to see your activities on the site.

Profile : Allows you to edit your profile.

Notifications : Allows you to see your notifications.

Messages : Allows you to receive and send messages to your friends.

Friends : Allows you to send friend requests and manage them.

Settings : Allows you to change your password and email address and more.

Blue Protocol Database is still in its early development stages and will be updated as it goes along to provide a good experience for players and an easy way to navigate without having to worry about it.

We will keep you informed of the site’s news through the messages, so don’t forget to register to receive them and also to be able to publish comments under the articles.

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