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Re-opening of the Database

You are probably all waiting for it, the new version of Blue Protocol Database is finally available with a lot of new features and functionalities.

Before I introduce you to all of this, I would like to thank the whole Discord Blue Protocol community and in particular:

  • Perciculum — For the management of the various translations of the site and for the great promotion of the site.
  • Poulpix — For hosting the website.
  • KusoOnore — For the translation of the French pages of the site.
  • Kurayami — For the translation of the German pages of the site.

I have not forgotten the other translators from the other languages who have made a lot of effort (Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) which will certainly be added later on.

I would also like to introduce you to the second administrator of the site and the new editor who will be in charge of the German part of BPDB:

  • Interyst — The new administrator who will be in charge of coding and customizing the site and the English pages and articles.
  • Lao Windpfote — The new editor who will translate the new articles and pages for the German part of BPDB.

Now that the thanks and presentations are done, let me introduce you with a small picture, the new features available on the site.

So we come to the end of this first article, which summarizes all the main points I wanted to discuss with you. You can now discover this new version of the site and do not hesitate to send us your feedback.

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