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Applying for the Network Test

Applying for the Network Test

Applying for the Network Test


In this article, we will guide you through the process of applying for the next Network Test. We highly encourage users to look at our previous guide located here before using this guide to register for the Beta(Stress) Test.

IN ORDER TO BE SELECTED FOR THE TEST, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SET YOUR REGION TO ASIA – JAPAN. Additionally, it is highly recommended to use a VPN when applying.

Now that we have registered for a Bandai Namco ID we are able to sign up on the main website. To start the application process, go to the following link below.

>> https://blue-protocol.com/entry-nt/ <<

1. PC Specifications

Scroll all the way down near the bottom of the page.

From the menu, select your system performance settings that you are able to enter the test with. The third option on the right states your system can play at the highest setting and the left option refers to having less the lowest possible settings.

2. Terms and Conditions

After selecting your system performance capability, you must agree to the terms and conditions. Simply check mark the box to agree to the terms.

(3. Sign Up)

This is the most crucial step. Please make sure you have already made your Bandai Namco ID. If you have not yet made a Bandai Namco ID, we highly recommend checking our guide here before continuing.

4. Log In

Click the “Log” button on the left and enter your information.

5. Finished!

You have completed the application process and will be redirected to the main website. You should see a notice stating that your application has been accepted into their system.

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