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Blue Protocol Communication Livestream 6.1

Developer Livestream 6.1 Greetings Adventures!  The Blue Protocol Database team is back again to provide the community with a detailed breakdown of the latest BLUE PROTOCOL livestream.  It’s a shorter livestream than previous, and the developers go into detail about the status of the upcoming Network Test and recent problems they’ve had to tackle.  Lets […]

Closed Beta Test Community Events

Welcome foreigners ! I am Sikus Maximus, the official ANNOUNCMENT MASTER !!! Today is my first day as an announcement master by the way ! But that’s not why I’ve summoned you all. BEHOLD THE CBT COMMUNITY EVENTS ! This is for each and every person which is going to have the honor to enter […]

Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #5

Welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is time for our fifth Weekly Recap where we will summarize all of the major game and community related news and information of the past week. The topics we’ll cover in this article are as follows: The second wave of CBT signups Blue Protocol Delays and the […]

Blue Protocol Database Community CBT Key Giveaways!

The Blue Protocol Database staff have begun the giveaways for CBT friend codes donated by generous community members! Do you want to explore the vibrant cell-shaded world of Blue Protocol? Were you life’s hopes and dreams utterly crushed by the simple sight of your CBT badge not turning red? Never fear for the CBT friend […]

Closed Beta Test Results Revealed!

As of March 30th, 2020 the results for those who have won access to the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Blue Protocol has been revealed! Everyone who has won a CBT key has received an email stating as such. You can also verify your account status by logging into the official Blue Protocol website; if […]

Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #1

Hello and welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is my pleasure to introduce you all to the newest regular addition to the Blue Protocol Database: Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap. As the name suggests every week the fans of Blue Protocol can look forward to a summary of some of the most important […]

Blue Protocol Feedback Response

Given the importance of that article, we decided to post it quickly. We will correct any errors throughout the day. As always, we will try now to translate and summarize the important changes mentioned in the article. Hello Blue Protocol Database Community! According to this article on the official Blue Protocol website, a lot of […]

Livestream Summary #1

The developers of Blue Protocol have concluded the first livestream with a lot of new information for the community. For the livestream segment, we divided the presentation into five different parts. Summary This is a base summary of what was learned from the stream. Not everything here is displayed and will be shown in the […]

Applying for the Closed Beta Test

Applying for the Beta Test

We highly encourage users to look at our previous guide located here before using this guide to register for the Closed Beta Test. IN ORDER TO BE SELECTED FOR THE TEST, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SET YOUR REGION TO ASIA – JAPAN. Now that we have registered for a Bandai Namco ID we are able […]