Blue Protocol Database Recruitment

Blue Protocol Database Recruitment Hello Adventurers of Regnas! The Blue Protocol Database is seeking to expand it’s very own network. Our main goal with the Blue Protocol Database is to keep the community up-to-date with the latest information along with developing luxury tools to heighten your experience while conquering Regnas. In our commitment to the […]

Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #6

Blue Protocol Communication Deep Dive #6 – New Features and Monetization System Welcome Adventurers of Planet Regnas! The Blue Protocol Database team is here to provide the community with a detailed and expansive deep dive article covering all of the information found on the original livestream from December 15th, 2022. This article’s information flow will […]

Blue Protocol Launches Globally in 2023

Blue Protocol Launches Globally in 2023 The Game Awards 2022 Publisher Amazon Games and developer Bandai Namco Studios has presented a new trailer through The Game Awards 2022 which showcases their newest upcoming Online Action RPG Blue Protocol. Blue Protocol was confirmed to release through a worldwide medium which now includes the global market outside of […]

Bandai Namco Interview- New Blue Protocol Information Revealed!

Given the importance of that article, we decided to post it quickly. We will correct any errors throughout the day. As always, we will try now to translate and summarize the important changes mentioned in the article. Hello Blue Protocol Database Community! This interview on the Famitsu website was mainly focused on the atmosphere at […]